Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 641

Today I am grateful for having loads of cheerful people in my life. 

And by cheerful I mean cheerific. And by cheerific I mean people who are involved in cheerleading.  And by cheerleading I mean ... well ... the sport of cheerleading.  Der...

Today I am rejoicing in the entire "delegating" concept.  Well, perhaps not delegating as such .... but more sharing the load.  Yeah, that's it.  Today I am rejoicing in the whole act of sharing the load. 

I've gotta tell ya, as I bumble along at the moment with this whole "mystery virus" I could totally get used to passing things across to someone else.

A few months back I signed up our 100+ cheer squad to perform at the opening ceremony of the Kanga Cup.  What is the Kanga Cup?  The Kanga Cup is the BIGGEST Youth Football tournament in the southern hemisphere and one of the biggest in the world! (Just quoting their website there). So it's kind of a big deal.  And it's happening tomorrow.

Now normally, by this point, I'd be out of my tree with the stress associated with far too many "to dos", having far too many children under my care, having too many routines, too many parents asking me too many questions, directing too much traffic through an enormous intersection .... and basically having far too much responsibility.  Oh sure, I'd have a couple of other coaches alongside me and they would be wonderful as always, but for whatever reason I would personally take the entire success of the opening ceremony on my shoulders. I would make myself personally responsible for the future of cheerleading in Canberra in general. Isn't that silly?

But this is not happening! You see, I put together a strategic plan last year for cheer at the school and the most wonderful people came on board.  We now have a "committee" which has coaches and assistant coaches and team managers and administrators and coordinators.  Today as I sit here talking to you, other people are organising the safety flooring, managers are communicating with parents, others are working out how the kids are going to be moving on and off the performance area, someone else is coordinating a team of volunteer "make-up artists" to get the girls stage ready, another person has already tested the music at the venue and worked out where the preparation rooms are, another person has written the "performance protocol" document needed to keep all the kids in check, and there are a team of other coaches taking responsibility for their teams.  All I have to do today is turn up to our rehearsal this arvo, ensure my little team knows their bits and bobs, work with the other committee members and generally be one of the team.

I love that plans are in place and that the system works. The machine is well oiled and moving along beautifully.

And for that, I am very very VERY grateful.

For more gratitude head on over to the queen of grateful - Maxabella Loves.


  1. Yay for delegation and sharing the load.

    I hope the rehearsal goes well and tomorrow is terrific for everyone!

    And of course that you feel better soon although just being in Hawaii might help.

  2. You're a lucky lass to have so many cheerleeders to delegate to. Support is a wonderful thing. I hope it helps you on your way to recovery, Leanne. x

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Hopefully all that smooth running helps... ;) xx

  4. Oh well done, it sounds like everything's going to run beautifully to plan!

  5. Feel better soon! share the load i say! :)


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