Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 645

Hail the beautician for they are truly courageous!

So my beautician and I have known each other now for about three years.  We've become friends.  You may even say we are very good friends.

The thing about this friend is she has seen a whole lot more of me than even my bestie has.  She is second in line after my husband when it comes to my nakedness.  Well, maybe third after my gynecologist.

Firstly there is the waxing.  She has no qualms about moving my undies this way and that in order to get the exact angle she is striving for.  Hell, there are times in the process that I am thinking that my deep fried bits and bobs may actually be poking out and waving at her.  Sigh. But what can you do?  She seems to know what she's doing, and the end result is perfect (and pretty much pain free).

And then there is the spray tan.  You go into this little tent in nothing but a disposable paper g-string (which leaves nothing sacred) and in she walks with her hose and gun and starts spraying every inch of your body.  She says stuff like "turn here", "point there", "lift here", "raise your arms", "bend over". The whole time she is looking quizzically at your bod, her eyes in slits as she scrutinizes the tanliness of your deep fried skin.  You stand there with your breath sucked in trying to convince yourself that yours is one of the better bodies she has seen and that old wrinkly men with shrinking deep fried tackle have been in here before you making her immune to the flippy floppy bits that create the physical you.  (Apologies if you are a rapidly aging man that fits that description.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that yesterday my beautician waved her magic wand and made me beach ready.  I have a whole lot of respect for that woman and I am also in awe at the skill, gentleness and knowledge she possesses.  Plus she must have a bloody good rewind and erase set-up going on inside her mind, because I reckon she must be privy to some very interesting sights.

I declare today "international love your beautician" day.  

What do you reckon?

Who's got a good beautician story they would like to share?

Try not to hate me too much but the next time you hear from me I will be laying on a beach in Waikiki. I'm not bragging ... honestly I'm not ... I'm just sayin' ...


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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