Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 647

As I lay here on the beach with my fake tan, fake nails and not-so-fake cocktail, I will leave you with this little ditty.


  1. Hmm, what's not to love? Hula skirts, coconuts, tiki torches, sun, sand, warmth, refreshing ocean breezes, crystal blue water, views of Diamond Head, shopping, ABC Stores, hotels (=no cooking & cleaning!!), happiness, romance, family fun, vacation memories.

    Nope, not envious in the slightest (says friend left behind in minus six degree temps - without heating!!). :-) Well I'm full of it! Absolutely, positively green with envy my friend. Aloha, mahalo, Hope you have many 'nani' experiences & PLEEEASE have an 'inu' for me. xx


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