Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 648

"Hmm, what's not to love? Hula skirts, coconuts, tiki torches, sun, sand, warmth, refreshing ocean breezes, crystal blue water, views of Diamond Head, shopping, ABC Stores, hotels (=no cooking & cleaning!!), happiness, romance, family fun, vacation memories."

That right there is a comment from Boomerang Jane left on my blog post of yesterday.  I was going to start telling you all about Hawaii today, but Boomerang Jane has pretty much said it for me!

Right now I am dressed and ready for the gym.  After my mini workout (still a little unwell so am getting back into the exercise slowly) I will wander down to the ABC Store to get our fruit salad breakfast, then it will be back to the room for some reading on the balcony as I sit in the glorious morning sun and overlook the misty mountains of Honolulu. By then the rest of the family will be getting up and ready for our day.  After spending days one and two on the beach and poolside, day three is going to be spent shopping up a storm at the Waikele Outlets. Well, we did bring empty suitcases after all! Husband's suitcase is so empty he only brought 2 t-shirts with him.  He was on a mission right from the get-go...

So that's where I am at!

Happy Saturday everyone (Friday here).  Enjoy your weekend.  



  1. So jealous! Have a fab day!

  2. Tee hee. I suppose being written about in your Hawaiin post is almost as good as being there. Almost. Happy shopping!!

  3. Live it up and lap it up Leanne you will think back on this holiday the next time your in a traffic jam or waiting in line at the supermarket and smile I can guarantee. Go get your shop on girlfriend!

  4. Thanks everyone! We are having a lovely time. It's nice bringing you along with me :)


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