Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 649

I think I may have had one too many Mai Tais last night. The puffy face, dry mouth and slight headache says it all.  The dirty little socks on my teeth completes the picture.

We had a fabulous time shopping at the outlets yesterday.  Who wants to hear about my bargains?  Can I just say that it's not often you can buy a pair of Nine West shoes for $7.50, nor a pair of Nine West boots for $15.

I came home with shoes (of course), a handbag, a Guess leather belt ($12), an Old Navy blouse ($11) and a pair of Sketches Shape-Ups ($40).  To be honest I thought I was quite restrained.  Husband came home with a Tommy Bahamas Hawaiian shirt (a belated birthday present from Mum and Dad), Bass shoes for work ($50), Guess t-shirts ($10 each x 2 which is great given he didn't bring any bloody clothes with him), belts, Levi jeans ($35 a pair), and a Banana Republic jumper for work ($25).  My Tahlia had a ball with her shopping given she had been saving for this trip for a long time.  She is the one that got the $7.50 Nine West shoes for her big sister's wedding (little heels), a skirt and bikini from Old Navy, and a top from Charlotte Russe.  And then my Darbs of course bought shoes.  My little man has a shoe fetish (which has nothing to do with me?!?) and he came home with a pair of Vans ($30) and a pair of Sketches for ($20), as well as some Old Navy t-shirts.  Now my kids are really taking care of their money here.  There was a lot of contemplation, adding up, working out, and thinking ahead. It was such a good exercise in the value of their dollar.  Take Darby's Sketches for example.  They were actually $40 a pair  and he decided that was a little too much to pay.  But then when I went up to get my Sketches Shape-Ups we discovered I could get a second pair for half price.  When he worked out that meant his shoes were only $20 his little eyes lit up and said "sold!!"

After we got home on our bus, carrying all our wonderfully crisp bags, we hightailed it to the Marriott pool for a late afternoon swim and to watch the sun go down over the ocean.  That's where the Mai Tais started.

It was happy hour and we only had half an hour left in which to take advantage of the bargain prices.  So we ordered a double round (much to the waiters amusement) and drank them down mighty fast.  Then it was off to this little sports bar to shoot pool and play darts and drink more Mai Tais.  Then back to the room where I hauled out the Mai Tai premix and drank in bed (how sad).

Right now I am paying for it.  I have Mai Tai head. But the gym awaits so I need to suck it up and get out of here.

What's on for today?  Gym, beach, brunch, pool and then ... wherever our stomach's take us ...

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