Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 650

This week we have a special Guest Star Monday feature - today our virtual cuppa will be had in Hawaii!

I have invited my best friend to tag along in a very virtual fashion. Don't worry, I haven't broken any Deep Fried Guest Star Monday rules or anything.  She is a fellow blogger (although her blog is private), she follows my blog daily and she is not someone I can regularly have a cuppa with face to face.  You see, my best friend lives on the other side of the world in Pennsylvania, so it seems fitting that I invite her to Hawaii given that is our "half way" point.

Let me introduce you to Catherine Bodnar - my soul sista.  We are oceans apart, but sisters at heart.

Sitting on Waikiki beach with my friend Cath
Oh My God!! You’re here. I have managed to get you to Hawaii with me … even if only in a virtual capacity. It’s not my lounge room, but hey, who’s complaining?

Do you hate that I am officially in the USA but not in Pennsylvania with you?

Yes…a bit….but yet I understand….I know if you would have trekked all the way over to me, your cost would have sky rocketed…so I will be happy knowing that you are in a place that you want to be-even if it’s not with me!...

Oh man! You’re too nice. I could imagine if you flew into Perth or something I would hate that you weren’t on the east coast of Australia with me.  I would probably fly over to you though and pull you back by the hair.

If only you had made it to the west coast of the USA….than it would’ve been a bit more doable for us Bodnar’s….anyways…..

Damn. That guilt is starting to set in …
So what will it be?  Shall we go outside?  Maybe pool side …or down on the beach? The beach looks good.  Did you bring your little string bikini?

Yes…beach sounds good, and yeah, not so much with the string bikini….

LOL. Oh come on Cath! I remember when you were 19, I was 21, and we mail ordered these little bikinis and paraded them together for your Mum when they arrived.  Oh my goodness.  That reminds me … remember when your Dad mowed a patch of grass in the trees around your house for us to sun-bake. When you asked him why he said it was for me.  Given I’m Australian and all he thought we all sun-baked topless.  Oh my … that was funny! 

Tea, coffee, cocktails?

Well then, I guess that would depend on what time of the day it is…you know I drink all of them….but since we are on the beach in our lovely state of Hawaii, let the cocktails flow!

Can you believe we’ve know each other for about 22 years now?  That’s a long overseas friendship. We’ve pretty much “grown up” together in our adult years.

It has been a LONG time my friend….you are truly my best friend in the whole, wide world and I don’t know what I would do without you……even though the majority of the time we are chatting via FB or emails or skyping, once I chat with you I always feel closer even though we are so many thousands of miles apart….

And yes, we have grown together over the years…..let’s see, we’ve gone through relationships together….we have stood by each other at our weddings…we have vacationed together…our families have grown together…we have laughed together and cried together….friends for life.

Yes, it’s a beautiful friendship. Do you remember the day we first met?

I don’t exactly remember the specifics (were we already at your house when you came home?)(or were you there waiting on us?)…but I do remember you being at your house and the other Katherine and I sleeping in your room….I remember eating that chicken meal that you made, than you cleaned off the table, and I came into the kitchen to help and you were still eating and you had rice stuck on your face!!

LOL! Yes, I’m a lady that’s for sure! 

I soooo wasn’t looking forward to coming home from uni to find two yankies in my house.  Mum and Dad had rung me to let me know they'd taken in a couple of "yanky exchange students", and could I come home and help entertain you.  I was a little put out because I had a new boyfriend at uni that I wanted to be with. But he lasted all of a month and you've lasted a life time! So I'm glad I came home.

What were your first impressions of me?

Honestly????......a bit of a bitch….and I was scared of you!....(did I ever tell you that before?)..

NO! You never told me that.  I probably was a bit of a bitch.

I was very nervous at first, but than we did just kinda fall into our friendship….when  people hear the story of how we met and became friends, they always ask if I am still friends with the other Katherine (who only lived a few hours from me) and I say no, they laugh…… but our friendship has lasted..

I was totally drawn to you straight away. I LOVED your hair. That was a great perm.  We had a great week that week.

LOL!!!!.....yes, the big hair of the 80’s….the photo of you and I on your parents front porch is still one of my all- time favorites….that was us at the beginning!  And besides my hair, your first impressions of me?

I don’t really remember what else.  I think the last 22 years have deleted all my other memories. It was obviously a strong connection for us to stay in touch after only a week together.  Add to that there was no email or Skype … it was all middle of the night phone calls, and hard copy letters … remember that?

LOL again….yes, I remember, I had this issue of  trying to figure out what time it was in Australia, so I would just call—no matter the time--god your parents must have hated that! Oh and do I remember the “snail mail”…we would write each other front and back of stationary and send it off and then I would run to the mailbox and just wait to hear from you.  I always thought you had the most beautiful handwriting….and I thought mine was crap.

Really?!  I could always recognise your writing as well.  Americans definitely get taught a different cursive writing to us.  Yours was very loopy and very grown up. What do you think has kept us together?

Honesty…..we tell each other like it is…..and I don’ know….we have a bond, not many people have…but we have it…..we just click…you are my 2nd sister, you are my soul sista, you are my best friend in the whole, wide world…

You are my sister too Cath.  It is definitely a friendship of the heart. The world is really getting smaller when you think about it.  I think we’re proof of that.  Do you?

Abso-freaking-lutely…..we are definitely proof of that…the fact that I have seen you more than I’ve seen some of my American friends in the past how many years, is so proof of that…

Do you think we’d be this close if we were actually close ….. like, would we have survived if we actually lived down the road from each other? Or is our distance what keeps us strong?

I know we have discussed this before……I would love to say that we could live right next door to each other, but I don’t know if we could….just as I need time away from my blood sister and brother, I think we both know that we need time away from each other…and I think any strong friendship can admit that….no one is perfect, no family is perfect, and as much as we are the same, we are also different and  I think that we respect that and that has helped us to get to where we are today….

I agree.  You’re a wise woman Cath!

I was pissed off when I discovered Oprah had a best friends show and we weren’t on it. I mean, I didn’t do anything to try and get on it, but Oprah should have known already, you know?  She should have just known we existed and invited us on.


You read DFF every day.  Don’t you get sick of me?

Nope, that is my daily connection to you….I can picture where you are, I can picture where you are going, I can picture the family…..I need that-so don’t ever stop!!!! (gosh, do I sound like a stalker?)

I have my own private stalker. Yep! You’ve got your own private family blog which you set up especially for me and my family to keep up to date with your comings and goings. I gotta tell ya, you’re a bit SLOW.  The last post was about Easter time. What’s up with that?

Come on girlfriend, it’s a two way street ….

Well, I think my life is a bit boring… repeated…… same ol’ same ol’….unless we do something different, I guess I don’t think I need to update…like we always go camping, we always go to Tri-boro, we are always playing baseball… you really want to know when we do that all the time?...

Of course I do! Well, not daily, but maybe once a fortnight would be good. But then again, I guess you’re right … I pretty much know what you are doing all the time.

How’s your cocktail? Would you like another?

Yupper, first one went down way to fast!

[clicks fingers … “waiter” …. ]

Would you ever move to Australia? Where would you live?

I have often thought about moving to your beautiful country…I’ve  thought about where we would live, what we would do….where my kids would go to school…and how we would be accepted…if we did move, it would need to be in the  same areas that I have always visited…I think I would need it to be similar to here.....I need the mountains, but yet have the coast close at hand for get aways, major cities close at hand..…but, I guess, family keeps me here….not that you’re not family, but…

I would totally move to America if/when I’m rich. I say when I’m rich because I would want a home in both countries.  I’d love to live in PA. So much green grass, plenty of water, autumn trees, snow (!) only an hour from NYC, loads of wonderful people. And that Wegmans supermarket makes me feel right at home.  It even has Vegemite and Wheat Bix!!

Well, the green grass needs to be cut 1-2x a week (unless we are in drought)..yes, water isn’t that much of issue, our Autumn (Fall) is a gorgeous time of year….the snow can be beautiful and at the same time a pain the arse….haven’t been back to NYC since we went together (except to travel through on the way to JFK)…and yes, Wegman’s is great!..and Yes, they have Weetbix…(both my boys LOVE Weetbix now by the way)….(I’ll skip the vegemite, thanks)

The problem with the Vegemite is that you spread it on all thick like you would peanut butter.  But it’s just supposed to be scraped on.  I’m gonna make you love Vegemite one day.

You came and spent Christmas with us in 2008.  How did you feel about your first summer Christmas?

It was very different….that was the first time in my life that I was not in PA for Xmas time…so I have always experienced a cold and sometimes very snowy Xmas…the being together of all the family, well that I am used to as we do that here….we all loved the week we spent at the coast….just wonderful….except for the Spider in the flippin’ car!!!!!!

Ah yes. Our beautiful big brown hairy Huntsmans.  Between the big Harry Huntsman in the car that day at your husband’s head, and then the mummy Huntsman that laid A THOUSAND spiders in my art box, and the other Harry Huntsman that was on our clock on your first day in Australia, I think you were all spidered out by the end. Honestly, we don’t normally see them. They came out especially to say hello to you Cath …

I remember the Christmas we spent with you back in 1996.  It didn’t snow! That pissed me off. But it was a great experience. I would do it again but Derek won’t give up his summers.  The kids want to come and experience a white Christmas.  We’ll get there eventually.

Yes, I often wish I could re-do that trip…not because I got married, but because I think I was so very overwhelmed with the wedding and dealing w/my parents not being there, I just wish we had more time together..

Oh Cathy.  That was a terrible time for you.  We were there to support you in any case.  I mean, your parents had just died and you were getting married.  I think you and your family did really well.  I honestly do. 

OMG this cocktail is too good.  My head is spinning. Are you pissed? I think I’m pissed.  Australian pissed I mean …. Not American pissed …. That would mean I have the shits …. And not the actual shits …. But the crankies …. You know what I mean.  Have you picked up any of our Australianisms during our friendship?  I have picked up plenty of Americanisms.  I used to “ring people” on the phone but now I “call people” ever since my first trip to the USA in 1991.  For some reason I just can’t give people a “ring” anymore …. It caused too much confusion when I was over there. Like I was going to start handing around diamonds …. That and the whole fanny thing ….

Yes, I do think  I’ve picked up on some Australia slang…Mike will sometimes look at me and ask where I live….I do say “No worries” often….I think when you speak your voice kind of  goes up at the end?...and I do that all the time……we always quote Derek when he would say “That’s bullshit mate”…I have tried my hand at Anzac biscuits…”my” version of meat pies…I use the word “photo” more and more instead of picture…it still is gas, instead of petrol… arvo....I have started to use the word "arvo" instead of afternoon......but no-one understands me!!!!!

We need another drink. [“waiter ….”]

They are certainly flowing now!!!

So the longest we have ever gone is 3 years between seeing each other.  That three years is up this Christmas (not counting this virtual cocktail session).  What are we going to do about that?  You did 1989, 1998, 2003, 2008 in Australia and I’ve done 1991, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2006 (twice) and 2007.  It’s a pretty good wicket!!! That’s 11 times we’ve been face-to-face.  When you think about friendship that’s not a lot, but when you think about friendship spanning the globe then we’re kind of doing ok.
Which was your favourite?

Ummmm…I enjoyed your trip over in 2000..when we met in Colorado..and than were here, and than to Florida…that was good…..’06 and  ’07 were good too…I think as our kids get older and grow together, I’m enjoying it more and more….we can do more and they remember more….so I enjoy that..and of course our trip down to you in ’08, that was fantastic…

It’s hard for me to find a favourite get-together because they have all been so very special. I really enjoyed Santa Fe ….. there was something magical about that one. I think because it has been the ONLY time in our entire friendship that it’s only been you and I! All other times have been parents, husbands and kids involved. I mean I know I was there for work and all, but we sure did make the most of our evenings and the two days at the end of that week. 

Yes, SAF was especially good…..I always laugh when I recall the beginning of our drive and we were in “aw” of the beautiful landscape and we stopped to take photos, but if we only knew what was to come….remember?

Yeah. That was so funny. We were driving the scenic route from Sante Fe to Alberquerque and every time we’d go around a bend a new and amazing landscape would await us.  We were stopping every 5 feakin’ minutes in the end! And the scenery just got better and better and better.

Do you remember how I was worried the cleaners thought we were lesbians?!  I am a neat freak and would make my bed of a morning and then just before I left the room I would mess it up again so the cleaners didn’t think we were sharing a bed.  LOL.  And then there was that actual lesbian couple at the conference from Canada who we sat with for dinner …. Do you think they thought we were a couple?

LOL!!...I think they may have thought that at first, but then as we talked about family and kids, I think they got the picture….but I do think, secretly they were hoping there was another lesbian couple in their midst…


You know we have to stay friends forever don’t you?  We have to.  We know too much about each other.  It would be dangerous for us not to be friends …..

Yes, we know things about each other that our husbands and family don’t know….talks we’ve shared…

I know! Do you think our kids will be friends forever? 

I would like them to be and I hope they will be…I often think about Michael and Tahlia….Hmmmmm…..

LOL.  They get along very well.  Could you imagine if we became in-laws?  Hmmm.  Probably best we don’t.  Don’t want to end up out-laws …

Our husbands definitely get along.  Sometimes I think the only reason Derek and I have stayed married is because I told him he would lose you guys in the divorce. LOL. 


So since Derek found “Franks Sauce” we’ve been eating authentic Buffalo wings a lot.  Derek was so freakin excited!!

Ummm…clarification on that…I found “Franks Hot Sauce”….albeit on the internet, in Australia-via an American grocery store-but yes, thank-you very much and thank-you to the world of Google!!!  I think he was a bit pissed…(American pissed) that I found it and he didn’t)

I think you might be right. Have you finished another cocktail? Geez Cath …. Hookin’ in.  I’d better catch up ….

[Waiter, waiter … more cocktails please …]

How’s the exercise going? You still doing the gym?
I’ve been hopeless due to being sick on and off so much this year.  What’s your favourite class?
How are you feeling about the bod?  You look bloody good. Toned. 

Yeah, not doing well in the workout world….re: the no bikini…I have gotten complacent in the exercise world…I try and I get in a good routine, than something happens and it stops….ho-hum…

Yeah, ho-hum.

Do you have any unusual talents?  I can do the wild pig. It only comes out when I’ve been drinking. It’s like the mating call of a feral pig … shall I do it?  They might kick me off the beach …..

No unusual talents here…or at least, none that I know of….and  I’d have to say I have never heard your feral pig call….you will have to do it next time we are together..

You haven’t heard the feral pig?  Well, it’s not mine per say.  I stole it from a friend, But I do it well!

Where do you see us in ten years Cath?  When you’re heading towards 50 and I’ve already slid right past it. Where will we be?

Hopefully on a vacation somewhere together?....Well, most certainly still friends…and uh, you already have me at 50?...I’m not even at that “other” number…..don’t push it!

You’re heading down hill to 40. How are you feeling about that?

Yeah, not good…having issues with it…..when I was a little girl, I remember some of my Aunts and cousins who were 30 and 40 and I was like “they are soooo old”…well ,now that is me!!!!!!.....and it’s not that I’m unhappy with my life…I have a great husband, lovely boys…a nice house and I’ve l and seen the world….just thinking I’m getting old…

Being 40 is fantastic Cath. Honestly it is. I love it. The best age yet. Except for the extra hair.  How’s the hair situation? Any randoms starting to appear?

Uh, yes…every now and again, one dark one appears.. I just pluck it and hope no one else has seen it prior to me getting it…( I find the mirror in my car above the steering wheel is very good at finding them!)  Have not tried the Nair approach yet…

The car mirror is the best! I really should put a set of tweezers in the glove box. I remember saying that to my friend Anissa at her 40th. And she said she had no chin hairs. Then the very next day she was on her front porch and her daughter spotted a black chin hair. It came up over night on her 40th. It happens! Beards happen …

Look at that bloke walking down the beach there. Is that a g-string? Holy shit. He’s wearing a g-string?!  How old is he … he must be around 80. Seriously.  Where do you stand on the whole g-string debate.  You wear them?  What about at the beach, would you wear one at the beach?  What about men? Would a man in a G turn you on?

Yes, have worn them….especially with jeans…never at the beach, I think they are a bit revolting in public, unless you have the ass to truly show off…men should not wear them…no…should not be allowed..

I wear G’s if I don’t want a VPL.  If I had a great arse and it was tanned without hail damage, I’d go with a skimpy bikini bottom, but never a G.  Derek came home with a G for himself one day. I threw up a little bit in my mouth at that one. I quickly got rid of it. I mean, Husband, you’re a handsome man but the G is no good.  It’s just a little too gay …..

Ok, now I have a different picture of H2 (Husband number 2) in my mind….need to get it out of my mind…..


[we sit in silence for a while slurping the last of our cocktails.]

Cathy, Cathy …. Are you still awake?

Oh my goodness. She’s bloody fallen asleep!! She’s asleep in her cocktail. Huh. Oh well, that means she ain’t going anywhere and I get to keep her for a while longer! Yay for me!


  1. FanTAStic!! old friends are absolutely the best!

  2. Old friends are indeed the best!

    Derek's G would go well with the man bag you love so much, giggle.

  3. Lovely. How long do you plan on keeping her hostage?

    Old men in G strings? Gross. I just had flash to being on Moroubra Beach where there was a bra boy in a gold mankini.

    Enjoy Haiwaii and the cocktails.

  4. Isn't she a great bestie!! I think I may keep her hostage for a few more days. Only she is ACTUALLY on her way to Niagra Falls right now instead of by my side here in Waikiki. Sigh. Have a great trip Cath!


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