Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 651


After getting over the shock of not actually having my bestie by my side yesterday I managed to shop up a storm at Ala Moana Centre. If you haven't checked it out yet, head on over to Guest Star Monday.

I spent over an hour trying on cocktail dresses at Macy's for Chelsea's wedding in October.  I bought a lovely (and very bright) dress which got the seal of approval from husband, daughter and sister-in-law which was a win, win, win.  I've gotta tell you though ... it was a bit frustrating there in the middle.  It was one of those shopping expeditions where I HAD TO COME HOME WITH SOMETHING which meant far too much pressure.  It started off ok with loads of dresses coming in and out of the dressing room, but I seemed to get fatter and fatter and fatter as the hour went along.  I swear I was putting on weight right there in the change room.  In the end I had to leave, take a few deep breaths (and a toilet stop) then return to have another shot at it.  This time though I got slimmer and slimmer which was a good thing.  I think I must have finally worked out which was my American size plus I was able to determine which styles suited me best.  Anyway, I came away with not one but TWO fabulous party frocks and all is good in the world.

So, what else have we been up to?  Well, after a full day at Ala Moana we ended up getting take-away food last night and eating in our rooms.  This morning I was up and at the gym by 7.15 which was a good feeling.  I have been going every day (except yesterday) and little by little I am managing to build up my fitness and resilience again.  I had been so unwell for so many weeks that this is a huge accomplishment.  My legs are paying for it now though.  After four gym sessions and two days of serious shopping my legs are in constant throb mode.  But it's good pain, so I can live with it.

How is my health?  Well, to be honest although it is a lot better, I am not quite "cured".  I am still walking around with this constant vertigo and a great deal of fatigue, but the zaps and tingles in my arms have gone, and my glands seem to have returned to a normal size.  Somehow the dizziness and out-of-body feeling isn't quite so bad in the hot climate and holiday energy.  I can manage to see past it.  Now all I have to do is maintain that good energy when I return to Canberra-ville.  Interestingly enough while I was at Sydney airport filling in the three hours we were delayed (did I mention that we were "stranded" in the international departures lounge?) I found a book by Greg the yellow Wiggle.  I didn't buy it but a quick read through it alerted me to the mystery illness which saw him leave the Wiggles.  Mum and I are now on the hunt for more information about it because the symptoms are similar.It's called  Orthostatic intolerance . I should have bought the book but I opted for Dannii Minogue's autobiography instead ... which I am thoroughly enjoying. I do admire Dannii.  Greg the Wiggle can wait until my next book purchase. 

Ok, enough of that.  Time to do more Hawaiian things.  Off to the pool! More Mai Tai's await ....


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