Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 654

Moral of the Story:
Always take painkillers with you so that you can keep drinking Mai Tais and if you are going to get fat on holidays make sure you get tanned along with it, coz a roast chicken looks a whole lot more appetizing than a big ol' white boiled one.


I have so much to tell you.  But I don't know where to start. I could talk about the shocking day Husband and kids had at Honolulu Wet n Wild which ended in Tahlia spraining her ankle, and how from beginning to end (even without the sprained ankle) it was full of frustration, fascination and down right pain, but it was such a dippy downer that we don't want to give it any more energy. I could tell you that the last two days have seen me struggling with the whole vertigo/living outside my own body thing, but again I don't feel like complaining.  I could tell you about the awesome date night Husband and I had where my folks took the kids from 2pm through to 8.30 the next morning allowing Derek and I to relive our vow renewal of three years ago down at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  I could tell you that despite getting a cold soggy burger at the Hard Rock Cafe and returning it for a new one which arrived back at the table a little uncooked (which I again returned), we had a great time at the Hard Rock and because of my burger debacle they gave me my meal for free plus free desserts for the table.  I could tell you that right now my husband is out hiring a long board to test out the back waves for some gumby surfing along Waikiki beach, and I could tell you that the kids and I are off on a submarine trip around the reef today.  I could also tell you that I had a morning to myself yesterday where I sat at a table in among palm trees drinking chai and outlining my next two books. I could also tell you I wrote an email to Oprah and that she replied with specific references to my message (or her very clever computer robot did).  I could also tell you that my boy child has discovered the famous American Twinkie and is right this minute hounding me to get to the ABC Shop for some more.   I could tell you that we only have two days left and I am inwardly sobbing already at the idea of returning to winter.

I could tell you all that and so much more. But to be honest, I can't be bothered.  I just wanna get back to the beach ....

Happy Friday Aussies, and Aloha Thursday USA.

Love and Hugs



  1. Ooh, you are doing it up right! Nice. Enjoy, enjoy. Am jealous.

  2. I started reading with a smile but then it turned into a bit of a jealous smirk and then my mouth gapped open at the O word! Don't choke on that mai tai lol ;)

  3. Yay to vow renewals and grandparents who take love their kids enough to look after the grand kids.

    Enjoy the beach and I need to know what's in a Mai Tai?


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