Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 662

This morning we are up at sparrows fart to get Tahlia ready for a calisthenics competition.  The calo and cheer seasons are about to begin for us where my weekends revolve around sparkly children.

This morning marks a full year since I took a phone call from Mr Publisher to talk through my contract and sign a deal.

A full year.

It was this time last year I had to get someone else to pick Tahlia up for her hair and make up session because I was on a 6.00am call to NYC working out the nuts and bolts for my book.  It was a full year ago that I then headed on over to said hair and make up session with the news that I had a publisher.  I was on cloud 9.  It's been a full year.

A full year.

And I don't yet have a book.


This morning ... a full year after that original phone call ... I received the rest of my mock-ups.  As Tahlia is rubbing her eyes and wondering why she ever signed up for these early morning preparations, I am trying to download and view megs, and megs, and megs of mock-ups.

I'm a little bit excited.

And nervous.

And excited.

My tummy is doing somersaults.

I imagine Tahlia must be feeling the same about calo comp?  Um ... not yet Mum ... I'm not awake enough to feel nervous yet.

Well, I am feeling very wiggly and butterfly-ey inside.

Excuse me while I take some time out to sit on the toilet ....

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  1. Oh my goodness, how time flies. Seems like just yesterday we celebrated the birth of your publishing dream. How lovely to have watched it nurture, grow, and expand (not unlike how fast our kids grow before our eyes). Feeling a little bit excited for you here, squeee!!!!


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