Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 668

I'm here. Oh yes, I'm here.  Strapped to the dining table with my lap top glued to my finger tips.

I have a big long list of to-dos. I love lists of to-dos. Mostly I like crossing off the "dones".  That brings me great joy and satisfaction.

This week I have managed to cross of lots of dones.  But yet I feel like I am riding a bike with a flat tyre.

I don't feel like I'm moving forward fast enough. I kinda feel like my legs are spinning and the bike just isn't moving!  I feel as though I know the end result of so many actions, I can see the achievements as plain as day, yet they are not materialising fast enough in real life.

Visualisation and belief is great ... except for when your legs are spinning, your brow is sweating, you're leaning forward and putting all your energy into a stationary bike, while the scenery stays exactly the same!

But then again, according to the fitness fanatics, pedaling those stationary bikes at the gym still gives you kick arse results when it comes to mind, body and energy.  So I guess I have to trust that all these to-dos, and all these dones, are actually getting a result.  The scenery may not be changing just yet, but my energy is converting to action which in turn will bring achievement. I've got to trust that the true power of the mind is hidden beneath all these daily actions.  That the power within me is going to lead to great success.

Eventually ...

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  1. Love the analogy! Keep pedalling - you'll get there! Popping over from FYBF !


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