Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 671

Today I thought I might tell you all about yesterday's cheer comp.

But no.


We had a great time and we did quite well and I am proud of each and every member of our squad.

Enough said.

It is possible that the actions of one child can make a positive impact on someone else's day?

Hell yeah.

The actions of one child has made a positive impact on my entire year!

One of my cheerleaders is leaving. Yesterday was her last competition. Normally this would make me feel sad and I would wonder what I could have done differently to help her stay. But not his time. She is going on to bigger and better things.  She is moving forward.

She wrote me a card and gave me a gift.

The card said:

Dear Leanne
You have done so much for me in that last two and a half years.
Thank you.
You have helped me to build my confidence and to grow as a person.
As for cheer, I would never have thought we would come this far.
We went from being a small group performing at the pond, to a huge group performing on stage. If it wasn't for you I would still be shy, but you have pushed me to try new things and now I have the strength to try.
I will always remember cheer and you.
Thank you.

This beautiful 11 year old girl may never truly understand how this simple note of gratitude has actually given me everything she has claimed I have given her.  Confidence, growth and encouragement. This note has endorsed all that I am setting out to achieve in my life.  This note is encouraging me forward in ways that are far greater than they were yesterday.

A wise person once said: "There are two great events in a person's life. The day they were born, and the day they worked out why".

I had a feeling I may have sorted out my "why" a while back.  But yesterday one little girl confirmed it.

She gave me a Happy Gift.

What will your Happy Gift be?


  1. Wow. What beautiful words she has written. How proud you must be.

    Well done to both of you.

  2. I am extremely proud. She is a beautiful kid ...


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