Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 675

I have forgotten how hard it is to go anywhere with babies! Even going to the toilet in your own home is not a straight forward action.  Heading to the local library is a major expedition which requires nappies and food and drink and toys .... an entire suitcase almost .... and putting out the washing or making a cup of tea is an interesting exercise with a crying babe in arms.  And don't dare try to write a respectable business email or make a business call!  Everything seems to turn to mush ...

I have been looking after a friends 12 month old and 24 month old here and there while she re-enters the work force two days a week.  She is waiting on the daycare list so I said I'd do some home child care until her daycare spots come through.  I figured that by committing to a day or two a week I would  be forcing myself to stay home so that I can get stuff done around here instead of always being with clients and off at meetings.  Plus I am getting a bit of pocket money to buy things like iPads and to go out to dinner.

Yeah well, it was good in theory.  But I had completely forgotten how challenging it would be in practice.

Sure, sure - I am able to sit in the "home office" for a couple of hours while they sleep so that I can work on my paperwork, writing books or managing projects - but hells bells those two hours are precious.  And short. Oh so short. I've been incredibly spoiled with having both my kids able to get their own food, wipe their own bums and keep themselves entertained ... oh and having them both at school is HEAVEN!

So today in what precious little time I have here without a beautiful little soul attached to either my hip or my leg I want to say how much I commend those stay-at-home-Mums who actually manage to partake in business, keep their houses in working order and remain glamorous and patient through it all, because I for one had completely forgotten how demanding this was.

But I hadn't forgotten how completely rewarding it is.  They're such beautiful children. It's worth every second.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Leanne

    You are such a generous soul to do this for your friend!

    Thanks for the insights.

    Did you find yourself just getting back into it like riding a bike? You never forget? :-P

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx

  2. Not quite like riding a bike. LOL. The learning curve was still there ... so much I had forgotten in only 5 years! Like taking (or not taking) a pram on an escalator ... I almost lost it! I chose to take the elevator back to the ground floor. LOL. Have a great weekend SSG. Love your work!!

  3. Oh, you are a good friend. Hello, via Flogyoblog... I often look at mums with a couple of tiny ones and think... ooohhh... I couldn't go back. Yes, one day I'd love to be a granny and help take care of my grandkids, but in the meantime, life's so much easier. BUT little kids are also truly delightful, and, bonus, they don't swear!


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