Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 666

The cost of two skinny chai lattes and a zucchini and feta triangle is but a small price to pay for rent in a prime Canberra location.

Here I am working from home doing my thing at either the desk, kitchen bench or dining table. When it is time to have clients we can meet at my house, their house or at a cafe in between. But what about when I am having business meetings and partnership discussions?  Surely I should welcome them to my posh executive style office?  Well of course. That would be cool. If I had one.  But no.

So I have identified a few little cafes and bakeries around the place who get to know me as I steal a corner table with window seat outlooking prime streets and real estate in the ACT and I drink chai and carb laden delights until I'm all spiced and feta'ed out.

Why rent office space when you can pay fifteen bucks for a cosmopolitan Manhattan style meeting room that has location, character, energy, a view and a personal waitress thrown in?

It's not Manhattan ... It's Canberra-ville .... but it's good enough for me. Business doesn't feel like work. If feels like a social gathering.

Which reminds me of a meeting I went to many years ago. About ten years ago I attended a Government conference in Waikiki.  Our meeting room was in the Moana Surfrider hotel right on Waikiki Beach. Our view was the best ever - ocean, beach, palm trees.  We even had an episode of ER being shot below at our hotel outdoor poolside bar (the ep where Dr Green goes to Hawaii to die).  The view was magnificent ... until a group of male tourists arrived at the beach wearing g-strings which got a bit distracting. We ended up closing the curtains.

If you could have an office anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What would your view look like?  


  1. I would definitely take your waikiki conference space...but then I would also probably be the kid at the window not paying any attention at all to the 'teacher' as I look out the window ;) . Your office spaces sound simply perfect :)

  2. New York baby with a view over Central Park!


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