Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 677

Watching the Ellen DeGeneres show makes me so happy. It truly lifts my spirits. 

There are two days a week I am home during lunch time and I watch either Ellen or Oprah as I eat. Ellen is on at midday, and Oprah is on at 1.00pm. So I watch whichever fits in best with my work day. 

Now, I love Oprah. That’s a given! As a success consultant I am here to say there is no greater life coaching session than with Oprah and the many guests she has/had on board.  And it’s free! But Ellen … I love that every single episode of Ellen is uplifting.  It makes me smile every time.  It makes me want to dance. It makes me want to laugh out loud.  And any tears are tears of joy … never sadness.  Every episode encourages me to continue on my current path with joy, with laughter and with purpose.  Ellen has such a beautiful spirit. She is so genuine. She truly strives to create a sense of joy in every person every day.

As I said, Oprah is one hell of a life coach, but I reckon Ellen is the world’s best cheerleader.  I am cheering for her, and although she doesn’t know me, I know she’s cheering for me …


  1. Well said. Ellen is a joyful gift. Don't get to watch her show anymore - except public holidays and once last week as I was on leave, she is amazingly funny. I cried when she gave away a car to a woman who would have been happy just meeting Ellen. She is on my vision board to be on her show :-)

  2. I saw that show - I cried when she gave away that car too! Sobbed in fact. It was that episode that prompted my post in ...

  3. I totally agree with you. I love when I get to catch their shows while eating lunch. It doesn't happen often enough unfortunately :( . I loved the episode where Ellen shared her wedding *sob sob* so beautiful

  4. Yes! That was definitely a sob with happiness moment


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