Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 678

What happened to Guest Star Monday?

Well, it's still there, it's just not active right now. My fault coz I had it all organised in the beginning and was coordinating it weeks in advance and then I went to Hawaii and ... well ... I got all relaxed and all my lovely coordination went out the window.

So that's my excuse.  But it will be back! Oh yes it will ... one of these weeks real soon ... coz I've got a few fabulous bloggy guests lined up and I can't wait to have them over for a virtual cuppa.

But not today.

Today I am hosting a planning workshop at my house all day. Do you remember that really important project I was getting involved in way back here.  Well we're back on track and we're ready to rock n roll baby. So Julie (the CEO) has enlisted the services of a high flying Business Consultant to get this thing really racing forward.  We've already done so much to take the concept national, but he's coming on board to not only move it through quicker, but bigger and wider.  It may even go global.  Well, we can but try.

So that is how I am spending my Monday - around a table with business people, tea, mints, paper, white boards,  sugar filled lollies and hopefully some guidelines for achieving big outcomes.

How are you spending your Monday?


  1. Seems like it's been forever since I've had a chance to stop by here! Your day sounds exciting! I'm in my third week at work, dare I say, starting to get used to it again. Taking a little bloggy break!

  2. Oh wow. back at work! I can imagine that would be kinda bitter-sweet. Mixed emotions?


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