Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 679

The kids love to watch iCarly.  It's on Nickelodeon.  There is a character on there to amuse each one of us. Tahlia of course loves Carly, the main character.  Darby quite likes Freddie but also loves the big brother, Spencer.  They both agree that Sam (the bestie) is mean spirited and a little too sarcastic. I love that they think that .... because I think that too. Husband and I will actually sit down and watch the show with them.  Out of all the kid-specific shows on TV we don't mind iCarly, and in particular, we think Spencer is very entertaining.

Anyway, there was an episode where Spencer "invents" spaghetti tacos because he can't decide whether to have spaghetti or tacos for dinner. They are made of spaghetti, meatballs and taco shells.  They don't sound the least bit appetising to me.

Last night Tahlia and I went to cheerleading so husband was in charge of dinner.  We arrived home to (you guessed it) spaghetti tacos.

Are you kidding me?!  You actually made spaghetti tacos??!!!!  Are you insane??

Yes and no, said husband.  I did make spaghetti tacos and I don't think that's insane.

So Tahlia and I sat down to a meal directly from the pages of the iCarly script.

I'll tell you a secret ..... it was surprisingly good.

Have you ever had a food adventure straight from the screens of kid TV?


  1. What a brilliant idea! My daughter is a fan of iCarly too and it is on ALL afternoon as soon as she gets home from school.

  2. Yes it was a good idea (but don't tell my husband I said that).

  3. When you think about it, spaghetti is just minced meat based meal, and so is taco. Sounds yum. We end up putting whatever's handy in the fridge in our tacos to bulk them out, I'm sure lots of peeps do that. Chopped up cucumber, beetroot, grated carrot, spinach, pineapple, corn kernels, whatevs. Won't tell your hubby.


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