Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 683

Today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.
Right now,
Somebody is very proud of you,
Somebody is thinking of you,
Somebody is caring about you,
Somebody misses you,
Somebody hopes you are not in trouble,
Somebody is thankful for the support you have provided,
Somebody wants you to be happy.

 From the book "A Canopy of Starts"
and included in our school newsletter of this week.

I am so happy I found a school for my children that fulfills both their needs while also having a value system that complements ours.  Everything the school stands for supports my methodologies.  

I knew that already but now that I am working there from time to time, I see it first hand. A week or so ago I walked into the staff room (while I was on relief duties) and found all the teachers listening to a presentation by a fellow staff member who had recently attended the "Happiness and its Causes" conference in Queensland.  They were being updated on stuff like emotional intelligence, how to build genuine confidence, new resources available including "the Happy Movie", and some teachings of the Dalai Lama.  Now of course this is all close to my heart as I pursue my own dreams of helping as many children in the world as possible believe in their own power (through my books).  But I was genuinely surprised that the school supported the methodologies and invested money in staff development on the subject.  

So today I am grateful for having a wonderful school and a great school community.

I am also grateful for Seana Smith (click here for her website) for taking the time out this week for a real life phone call to talk to me about her publishing journey. Seana's advice and experience was invaluable in helping me feel confident about my own journey to author-dom.  

And I am grateful to my Publisher for taking the time out this morning for a across-the-globe phone call to update me on my first print run and to re-iterate the offer of publishing my second book, AND agreeing to look seriously into publishing my third.  

But most of all I am grateful for books.  Because without books and paper and information and supporting internet information none of the above - schools, school teachers, Happiness conferences, the Seana Smith phone call, publishers, my dreams - would have been possible and my week wouldn't have been nearly as fulfilling.

And I am grateful for the Sydney Morning Herald article which strongly suggests hard copy books will not die and that despite speculation bricks and mortar book shops will survive.  This is very pleasing for this little author.   You can check out that article here. 

Happy Book Week(s) everyone!!!

And happy National Book Shop Day!!!  

Head on over to Maxabella Loves to really get into the attitude of gratitude.  


  1. Seana is a gem, that's for sure. Maxi and I went to the independent bookshop up the road this morning and bought three books. The gal behind the counter didn't even know that today was the bookshop's special day. Phah! x

  2. There will always be a place for 'real books'. Always. And we need to keep teaching our children the value of real books and to treasure and respect them x

  3. Hello Dearest Leanne,

    Well well done, it is so exciting to read your blog and find where you are up to in your publishing journey.

    Life is good, Love from Kara.

  4. Hello duckie! It was lovely to talk this week. Don't you love the connections that blogging brings.

    Here's to books, hard copies, soft copies and one we write on wee bits of paper, they're all ace.

  5. That is wonderful that you have found a school that you are happy with for your children.

    It is great to follow your publishing journey and I am sure that Seana was a great help. She is awesome!

  6. Three cheers to books!!
    And Happy Saturday :)

  7. I can't imagine life without books. I like the quote, "Keep the old coat, buy a new book."


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