Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 684

I had one of those nights where I had one eye on the clock all night and very little quality sleep.  Kinda like when you've got to catch an early morning flight, and you just don't trust your alarm.

I've got a cheer competition here in Canberra today and as Principal Coach I've got to arrive at 7.00am for start-up duties meaning I'll be leaving the house at 6.30am.   My little team doesn't go on until around 11.30, but the rest of the squad is on from 8.30 so I'll be there for a few hours before Miss Tahlia and her team arrives.

I had to give Tahlia a lesson in make-up yesterday since I won't be at home this morning to apply hers.  Yes, the cheerleaders where make up.  Actually, Tahlia has lived a life of make-up already with calisthenics and cheerleading.  We don't promote it as make-up though. When it comes to calisthenics and cheerleading we just see it as part of the costume.  It's the mask performers put on to get into character.   But from an outsiders point of view, if these kids were just walking down the street and you saw their faces, you might be shocked.  Welcome to the entertainment industry ....

Anyway, today is a small(ish) local competition and logistically, due to venue restrictions and an early start, we decided not to do full make up on the girls.  And by full make up I mean no sparkle eye shadow, just foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara to be done at home before arrival. Normally we have a production line at comp where wonderful cheer mums line all 80+ cheerleaders up and give them glitter and sparkles and eye liner and rosy coloured fairy cheeks. But it's just too difficult today.

So yesterday I gave Tahlia a lesson in make-up.  Even though she has been wearing it to perform for years now, this was still a milestone moment in a our lives.  Because the make-up lesson I gave her was not for character dressing, but rather to enhance and highlight her features.  I showed her how to apply real life every day make up.  We discussed the significance of this step and we both agreed that this was a defining moment in both our lives.  We also agreed that cheer and calo comps were the only events for which she would be applying these products.  I am hoping to give her a few more years of daily bare faced natural beauty yet.

I hope your Sunday is filled with cheer and defining moments.  I think mine will be.

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  1. Give it out of your room and get fress air..soon you'll sleepy


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