Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 685

I really must get Guest Star Monday up and running again. I have people lined up! Well .... not really lined up as such ... but I do have a hand full sitting by their email and ready to share ... so I will make that my mission this week. To get it all going again.


Meanwhile you'll just have to put up with me.  Plain ol' me.  Silly little me sitting here all alone in the dark on account that both my light bulbs have blown in the dining room.  The me without a brain who could actually open the curtains for some early morning glow.

The me that has bounded out of bed on this morning loving that it is Monday because the week is so full of promise! Yes, this little me is emerging from the winter blues as spring is promising to spring in the nation's capital.  There have been lots of blue sky days of late which makes the cool weather so much easier to handle.

The me of this week will be just hanging out being me today with a few appointments (including neuro physio) and a lunch date.  The me of this week has cancelled cheerleading for this arvo to give everyone a rest after they performed beautifully at competition yesterday and came home with a first and second medal hanging around their spirited little necks.  The me of this week then heads into a day of networking meetings tomorrow for potential partnership opportunities, and then heads into more of the same on Wednesday.  All meetings are taking place at my lovely offices with the views and all the service in the would which I talked about here.  So I need to make sure I have a few dollars in my wallet and some space in my belly so that I can pay the "rent".

The me of this week is also a step-mother to my niece and nephew over the next three days while their parents are overseas for work.  And then the me of this week may also be nanny to my friends babies on Thursday and Friday while she is at work.  But that is hanging in the balance right now as one of those babies recovers from pneumonia in hospital.  The me of this week is very worried about that little man because the pneumonia is bad enough, but he also has a heart condition which complicates things.  The me of this week quite likes looking after the babies because it forces me to stay at home instead of racing around creating all these business opportunities.

The me of this week has woken up very hungry.  So the me of this week is going to get breakfast on the boil for my expanded clan.

That's the me of this week.

Who are you going to be?


  1. I love that on a Monday morning (sorry I am so late coming to the party :( ) you are so full of optimism instead of mondayitis! :) . I hope your friends little boy is recovering at home by now :( poor little man! :( .

    The me of this week became a qualified food hygiene supervisor on MOnday and then discoverd that big kids with ADD can be calmed by smelly playdoh which was made for younger students. I also took up my taxi job yesterday to go to apointments and specialists, one appointment with K's teachers which i totally rocked and changed their attitudes I think ;). I am in stressed mode this morning as I need to get the kids up in a minute and dressed up for the book parade today, then leave early to drop them off and get to the supermarket before work to buy ingredients to make playdoh for the school.

    The me of this week can obviously rabbit on and on and on in your comment system ;) . Hope your week is rainbows and butterflies my friend xo

  2. You had some big wins this week Jen! Yay for you. Hope the book week/play doh combination was relatively stress free.
    Can't wait to have you as a Monday Guest Star soon! That'll take away any sign of Mondayitis. It works for me :)
    I actually LOVE Monday's. Mostly.


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