Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 688

Every single one of us the devil inside ....

Apparently I am suffering from "shockingly stale breath" syndrome.  So husband says.  I go near him and he pulls away in horror.

Oh shit. Nothing worse than bad breath.  Must have mints on me at all times.

Is this another Deep Fried Fruit conundrum?  Are my deep fried teeth rotting in my head and little green cavity monsters farting in my mouth?  Is my bowel flipping over and shooting vapors out my gob?

No. I don't think so.  I am practicing very good dental hygiene.  I am brushing, flossing and mouth washing.  And I don't feel particularly bowel-flippy at the moment. But still my husband says I'm not exactly smelling like roses.

Hmmmm. I think I may need to buy new toothpaste.  And carry mints around.

Any other suggestions?

All things evil are portrayed to have oral stench.  Perhaps I am just plain evil?  My favourite song as a teenager was "Devil Inside" by INXS.  Perhaps that is it.  I have a little demon in me.  May as well go with it?  Let's dance!!

Every single one of us the devil inside ...


  1. Oh Nooooooo! I always carry tic tacs because I drink too much coffee........ so now I have an addiction to coffee AND tic tacs! lol! Are you eating something different? Are you unwell? ummmmmmmm...... maybe you have an infection in your mouth that you're unaware of??? Better get onto it quick so you can get snuggly with your hubby again....... (don't you just love how brutally honest husbands can be? ha, ha.)

  2. I know it sounds terrible but my step father had terrible breath and he died of a brain tumor.
    Just a thought.

  3. LOL - brain tumor?! Geez. Thanks for the thought :P

    May be an infection ... have had some mouth ulcers today. Hmmm. Better get onto that ...

  4. I was thinking an illness too as our kids breath can knock us dead when they are about to get sick! ;)


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