Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 689

I love it when a plan comes together.  When you've got a vision in mind and then suddenly, because you've opened up your mind to the opportunity, the powers of synchronicity start to play out and BINGO all the sign posts along the way start to marry up with your vision.  

Yesterday I sat down to do some "author work".  I have another two children's books that are waiting in their box for a chance at some sunlight so I decided it was time to give them a bit of petrol and start them on their way.  

An interesting fact - my books aren't coming out in order of their birth.

  • Book three is coming out first (on its first print run)
  • Book one is coming out second (awaiting contract)
  • Book five is coming out third (currently being read)
  • Book four is coming out fourth (just came out of the box)
  • Book two is coming out fifth (just came out of the box)

Anywho, I decided that books four, five and two (which will actually be books three, four and five :P) needed some love and attention so this week I got myself sorted for a bit of promotional activity and conjured up some support.  I am very happy to announce that Petria Thomas (of super fish fame - Australian swimmer and Olympic gold medallist and a winner of 15 national titles) is writing the Foreword for book number four (which is actually also book number four! Woo hoo!!!) 

And just today, yes, this morning in fact, I have written to not one, but TWO outstanding and very positive Australian parents to offer the Forewords of books three and five (books five and two ?!?). Why? Because of that whole power of synchronicity caper.  I pulled my books out of their box and then suddenly, information started to flow to me from multiple sources highlighting the EXACT people (with supporting documents and back up quotes and everything) destined to be involved in this project.

So there you have it.  Today is a bloody good day.  Synchronicity is at play and I'm going with it.

How about you?

Any synchronous moments in your life? 

You might find some moments of synchronicity over at Where's My Glow as she very kindly flogs a few blogs.  Hop on over and see what's on offer ... you'll never know where it may lead.


  1. That is so awesome :) . I love that you are following your dreams and they are coming true :) . I have some ideas which have popped back up to the surface this morning. Perhaps it is time to pursue them properly...

  2. unless you're planning on bombing a city or something ... then perhaps don't go for it ... but anything else GO FOR IT!!

  3. You are on fire! I am hoping by reading your blog your positive energy will flow my way. :)

  4. Gawd you're good! Sooo happy for your success.

    Your commitment never ceases to amaze me. Shelly, I always feel energized when I read Leanne's blog, no doubt you will too. And Leanne, I love how you so warmly & generously keep sharing your steps to success so openly for anyone else to follow. That, my friend, is truly a gift that I thank you for. Have a nice weekend all xx

  5. Thanks guys!! I share to say "hell guys, if I can do it so can you!" (not that I am doing a whole lot to be honest ... baby steps) but at the same time I share to say "help me I'm melting". Either way, it makes for a good support system. I'm very much of the mindset that it's better to create together than compete against each other. The universe seems to listen more ....
    Happy Friday!
    Can't wait to have you as my Guest Star on Monday Boomerang Jane. Woot Woot!!!!

  6. I totally believe in synchronicity. And gut instinct. And listening to the universe (unless it tells me something I don't like ;-) Can't wait to read the books (although I got confused with the order they're coming out in)!!


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