Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 691

I am someone that needs a lot of sleep. I get a bit a lot grumpy if I'm deprived.  But I am also someone who finds it impossible to sleep-in (unless you regard 7am as a sleep-in).  A set of new block-out curtains helped for a while, but then my body clock took over and trumped the block-out curtains rendering them useless against my apparent crazy need to seize the day.

I have found over the years that if I don't get at least 8, 9 or 10 hours sleep every single night then all my strange little "symptoms" (headaches, fatigue, dizziness etc) get worse and I become a very cranky bear with a mighty sore head. So I go to bed early.  8.30-9.30 bedtime is common.

On Friday night Husband and I sat up, had a few drinks and watched a movie. We then watched some eps of some previously recorded TV shows and chatted. A lot.  It was close to midnight by the time I got to bed. Yet I was still awake at 6am.  I was starting to get a bit festy by mid afternoon - the heaviness of fatigue with combined lead weight set in - but there was no time for a sleep.  We had commitments.  Husband was off to the footy, I was off to a once-in-a-purple-moon-dinner outing with a friend (a purple moon is so much more rare than a blue one), and the kids were off to hang out with another family for a bit. So I showered, put my party face on, and got through til midnight again.  And here I am again, having woken up before 7am.  I am looking like a wild woman from Borneo (whatever that means) and I think I may have ingested her spirit as well.

I wish I could sleep some more.  But my mind won't let me.  So today is going to be a day spent close to home.  A bit of folding washing here, a bit of lying on the bed there, a bit of baking muffins here, a bit of sitting on the couch there, a bit of cleaning out the cubby house here, a bit of sitting on the deck reading a book there.  I'm definitely not going to Borneo, but I will try and dump the spirit throughout the day.  The grumbles aren't welcome here on a Sunday (a rule of my own creation). Sunday's are for smiling.


If you bloody well insist.

Happy Sunday!!! 


  1. and a happy Sunday to you too. I slept from 6.30am - 7am the other day. It was bliss and was obvioulsy needed, mostly I get by on 6 hours but am so much happier with a bit more.

    Mich x

  2. Amen sister,
    If I'm not fed, watered and put to bed on time, I chart new territories of dangerous behavior!

  3. I'm hearing you. Eight hours minimum for me, but my body clock would easily let me sleep in if the KIDS would just be quiet!!


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