Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 692

We're back. Finally, another edition of Guest Star Monday!

Yes I’m rolling out the purple carpet again and welcoming a hot guest star into my home.  This week’s Monday Guest Star is the beautiful and very talented Boomerang Jane!  Boomerang Jane is another bloggy Canberran who I met in real life via my coaching business, and who I then encouraged into the blogging community.  She blogs sometimes, and Facebooks a lot.  She is the creator of those fabulous Sunny Daze shopping bags I'm always raving about!  

So grab a drink (actually, make it two ... this girl can talk ...) and join us for a virtual cuppa. 


Boomerang Jane and Deep Fried Fruit - Guest Star Monday

Hello Boomerang Jane! Lovely to have you in my home. No one needs to know that you’ve actually physically been in my home before … it’s been a long time though so this still can qualify.

So, what will you have … tea, coffee, green tea, chai?

Love the smell of coffee, but haven't been able to drink it since morning sickness whilst pregnant with my first (18 years ago!). Want so badly to be a herbal green tea drinking kind of person, but in all honesty it makes me gag. So, Coca-cola it is then ;-) Like a good alcoholic beverage, I don't tend to start my sugar-swilling bad habit until late afternoon, but I'll make an exception this morning.

Coke is fine! I'll pull you a tab and might even pour it into a glass for you ...

You've got such a lovely home, so warm and welcoming. But a word to the wise, you'd better pat me down before leaving because I'm highly likely to try and smuggle your robotic vacuum cleaner out under my cardi. And it's great to see Max is rockin' in his gyrating hips. I miss my 15 year old puppy soo much since he passed last year. Has left a great hole in my heart. So I'll be giving him lots of pats today and I don't care how much white hair he leaves on my new black top.

Leaving here with white fur all over your clothes is something I can absolutely guarantee. How was your little trip across town today? Did you bring a packed lunch?

Haha, good Canberra joke there. We're not a densely populated city here in the Nation's Capital, but we have certainly spread ourselves far and wide. What is it, about 40 minutes from my end of town to yours...except this morning in peak hour traffic, it took five!* See, I really did need that packed brunch (* slight exaggerations may have been used in order to make a point about poorly designed urban sprawl and roadways – and no roundabouts were hurt in the making of this comment).

Distance aside, I come from a family that require a packed lunch to head 10 minutes down the road, so yes...I did bring snacks. Did I tell you about my recent 3-kilo score of Hershey Kisses...HELL-OOOO Costco. Yes folks, that does read 3 kilos, and there is no asterisk for exaggeration (I'm ashamed to say). In my defence, I only purchased one packet for myself (which I'm sure I will remember to share with the kids). My lovely boss remembers me harping on lamenting my lack of kisses (both the chocolate Hershey kind and unfortunately the other passionate kind too, but we'll leave that for another conversation) and surprised me with a 1.5kilo bag for being such a fantabulous employee (well that's why I'm believing she bought them).

I can imagine you are a fantabulous employee.  And Hershey's is just "down the road" from my Bestie in PA so I know all about their kisses. You’ve lived a fairly adventurous life haven’t you? The daughter of a diplomat and all that. What was that like growing up?

Aww, you're so sweet to remember. And you know me well. I love to reminisce about my wonderful childhood. So much so that I'm working on a book series for young tweens about the adventures of a little girl who travels the world (and no, her name is not Dora).


I was very fortunate to grow up in many beautiful countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, England, America, Italy, Tahiti, Hong Kong and of course we popped back in to Australia periodically to say hello to the relatives and become re-Australianised. As much as I love to travel, and my birth place of Geelong will always be where my heart is, Canberra will always be home. Contrary to many, I love what Canberra offers in terms of open spaces, culture, politics, fairly good traffic (except this morning with that 5 hour journey, lol), close to beach and snow and a fairly quiet, safe place to raise a family.

Yep, I'm with you there. Canberra is a bloody good place to live. 

A side effect of growing up in the Foreign Affairs/Military environment is that I still have a taste for it today. I was so sure I would marry someone just like my Dad (again, we'll save that story for another day...or the psychologist's sofa. Just kidding, my Dad rocks and is one of the kindest people I know) who would take me to far away places and keep me in a lifestyle I was quite accustomed to. Instead, I continue to work in diplomatic missions in a hope that this might still happen.  In fact the major lasting side effect of being uprooted continuously for the first 21 years of my life means I still have trouble with committment to this day.  I never used to have to stick to one thing for very long because we'd move on.  This can be fun for some things, but terribly inappropriate for others. 
I love the buzz of being involved in pomp and ceremony. I find the whole diplomatic arena quite exciting and for some reason people seem to find me fascinating for working at a High Commission or Embassy. But alas, I'm quite boring (and probably a big disappointment to many) and tend to live vicariously through other people. I have enjoyed stints at the American Embassy (where I was very proud to be awarded some medals – even though i'm not in the military? And had the dubious pleasure of meeting George Bush. The original, smarter Bush, not the 'W' one. And maybe a Dan Quale and Al Gore have been thrown in there too.) A shorter stint at the Brits saw me quite traumatised by that experience, so now I'm part Kiwi, working at the New Zealand High Commission part time. I love my job, assisting New Zealand citizens in Australia (of which there are many, oh so many!) who require assistance in distress or just basic information such as “I've lost my passport, have you seen it?” and “What are you doing about the earthquakes in Christchurch?” Sadly these are real questions, and I use my very diplomatic grown up voice to answer questions that internally I'm not so polite about.

WOW!! That's impressive. I didn't know all of that.  You are well traveled just by working in the nation's capital! 

I've probably lost half your readership by now with all my long-arse stories. Hope you're in it for the long haul guys, like to give you your money's worth. Or...perhaps you should pop away and get a drink and a bite to eat and come back and join us and settle in for a while?

Yeah, I'm gonna get myself another cuppa.  Another Coke? (she shakes her head no)

Where is the greatest place you have ever lived?

You and I share a love of all things sunshine and Hawaii. I was positively green with envy over your trip there last month. Positively jealous of your good fortune. Oh dear, your readers are going to think I'm a terrible person. You know me well enough to know that we jest a lot, and I'm super supportive of every one's good fortune. But yes, I'm still bitter you didn't love me enough to take me with you ;-)

I had fully intended to take one of your Sunny Daze shopping bags if that helps at all ... but I forgot. I was laying on the beach and said "Oh no!! I forgot my Sunny Daze!!" No one knew what I was talking about.

Besides my mention of Canberra always being home. Washington DC would be my home away from home. I visit as often as I can, which isn't nearly often enough. My two wonderful kids have travelled with me (and yes, they have got the travel bug too) and have also taken quite a shine to DC. Most diplomatic families live in Virginia or Maryland. We heart Virginia (or as Virginia's State Motto says...Virginia is for Lovers). Love both the East and West Coasts of America ('coz you're NEVER too old to enjoy Disneyland). But the East Coast, particularly New York makes me feel very grown up. Probably no coinky dink that Sex and The City is my favourite television series (or The City, but shhh, don't tell anyone about that). I'm almost certain we passed each other in a US East Coast airport back in the late 80's, early 90's, I was the one with the perm!

I bet we did!  I traveled all up and down that east coast in 1991.  Love USA.

I'm hoping I have plenty more years of travel and exploring in me though (even if i've inexplicably developed a fear of flying due to claustraphobia this past few years? go figure). I know it's so yesterday and so contrived, but I SOOOO want to do an Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat Pray Love my way across Italy, Hong Kong and Tahiti (a slight variation on India and Bali – too scared I'll have something stuffed in my boogie board bag, and I really don't think I could handle the suffocation of all things India, as beautiful a country as it is)

I'm so sorry I've yacked and yacked. I'm a bit of a talker among close friends.

Yack away my friend. How are your kids? They must be really growing up now!

My kids grew taller than me about 5 years ago, lol. But yes, they are growing up far too quickly for my liking. In fact, as we speak, my daughter is out on a date! A Date! I don't know whether that makes me feel old, or if I just feel sorry for myself because my kids both have a better social life than me!

My Drummer boy Rheece is finally 17. I swear he was 16 for many years. I think I may have forgotten a birthday? He is a giant of a boy (he's 6 foot 3 and I'm 5 foot 1) We are similar to Robert and his mother in Everybody Loves Raymond. I plan to send him my chiropractor’s bill when he's rich and famous for all the years I have to spend tilting my head upwards to look at him.

Yes!! I blame my six foot five husband for my bad neck. But can't complain ... he IS paying for the physio sessions. 

The boy is in his final year of school and plans to go to university next year (excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor and get over the shock of some of my parental nagging guidance having being taken on board. Seriously, have you tried reasoning with a 17 year old boy lately, Geeesh!) Anywho, he assures me that having a teaching degree behind him is not such a sell out, as the Wiggles were all university educated!

LOL! He could very well be the next Wiggle ... the purple one on account of the drums ... or is that the red one?

He's a bit of a comedian my boy. And quite the sensitive new age guy. Bless him, I adore that he lives in a houseful of women and is quite learn-ed in what to say... and most importantly, what NOT to say. He loves reading my blog boomerangjane21 (where I poke copious amounts of fun at him and his sister) and keeps asking when I'm going to update my posts. So, in honour of Rheeso boy, I'm going to get back in to it. After all, he's given me pleeeeeeeeeenty of material to work with.

I'm pretty sure I know exactly what your lovely readers are thinking right about now...”Gawd this girl can go on, and on, and on”...not unlike Amie and Katrina sing on The Block.

I also have a beautiful 15 year old daughter who is going on 25. She's a gorgeous little thing with a sense of responsibility and common sense not seen on me since, ah, ever. She is a bright ball of energy and light. Kindness and love. Peace and purpose. She will be a success at what ever she chooses to do with herself, just because she has all this amazing confidence and sense of self and a wonderful high level of self esteem (all wrapped up in a calming modesty). I have no idea where she found any of these things, because unfortunately i'm still looking for mine. She brings happiness into a room, and I just adore her and Rheece like mad. I'm learning to cut the apron strings ever so slowly. I try very hard to love and support them, and enjoy life with them. I love that they still like hanging around with me, as do their friends and they don't seem to be as embarrassed by me as I am (I figure I've done something right, as they have all befriended me on Facebook, lol).

Leanne, you and I share a great desire to nurture and heal kids, and to inspire them to be the best they can be. I can't wait to be a grandmother!!! 

Hang on, hang on ... I may be deep fried but don't be going all grandmother on me ...

I know what you're thinking, and I'm not pushing my teens to go out and have babies. In fact they roll their eyes at me when I tell them I can't wait till they're all growed up and make me a Nanna. In the mean time though, I am struggling with the fact that I'm becoming a little irrelevant in my children's lives. My son is now driving, and generally only needs me for cooking, money and the occasional hug. I'm thinking I might look in to being a Barnardo's Friend. Where I spend a few hours each month taking care of a disadvantaged child. I thought maybe this might fulfill the need in me that I have to still nurture, whilst allowing my kids to grow and breathe.

I adore your kids too. I feel like I know them way better than I actually do in person, through reading your blog. Your kids remind me of mine. Your Tahlia is outgoing and confident, whilst your beautiful boy has strengths of his own like mine.

Yes. I can see the similarities too. How cool has it been for your boy child to be involved in the 104.7 rock band adventure! How did all that come about? Where are things at with that now?

Thanks for that, I do love to brag every now and again (I think we lose our Mother's License if we don't, right?) He has a passion for music that boy, particularly drums and electric guitar. Almost every day he is recording new music on his computer and has even started making videos. I have no idea if this will go anywhere, but I figure at least I know where he is, and what he's spending his money on...drum sticks are so expensive when you go through them as quickly as he does).

He was a mini rock God and star for 5 minutes of fame last year when he was selected by Scotty and Nige to play drums for the Radio Station's made up band Lane One Form. His first gig was a concert with Night Train and Dave Gleeson from The Screaming Jets (not too Shabby – the irony is Shabby is Rheece's nickname!). This fame was followed up for his whole 15 minutes of it by playing at Canberra's Skyfire this year with Jessica Mauboy. (Shameless name dropping I know, but as I told you I lead a very dull life and have to get my kicks from the kids now).

This past week he participated in a workshop with the drummer from Grace Knight's 80's band Eurogliders (embarrassed to say I was a tipsy groover at one of their original concerts way back when). I guess it's good to know that old drummers don't die, they just teach snooty private-school boys how to play music. He also went to a concert/workshop last week with his all time favourite drummer, (ah, yeap, can't remember his name.......silence, wracking brain, mental blank) oh yes, Jason Bitner from some gawd awful heavy metal group (Rheece's favourite type of music no less, gulp). So he's very into pursuing his passion (which like you, I fully encourage). He was supposed to play with Lane One Form early August with Pink's guitarist, but one of the guys pulled out of the band and couldn't be replaced at such last minute. Shame, it would have been another nice experience to add to his life thus far. So I think that band might be finished. But, he has been invited to play with another. I love that he also nurtures the young kids at this school by mentoring some music students. I'm sorry, I'll stop boring everyone with details of my offspring now.

WOW!  That's so cool.

You’ve been following me on DFF for a very very VERY long time now. I think you may actually read me daily. What attracts you to DFF? Is it because you too feel deep fried, or is because you are doing everything possible to avoid that whole middle-aged phenomenon?

I love DFF!!!! So much so that YES, indeed-ee-doo, I do read you every day. I am lazy and find commenting on my iphone requires extra steps that my short attention span doesn't stand for. Thus why you may not hear from me as often as I talk back to you through the computer screen. 


I love getting to know you and your family better through your blog, but also your readers. You have a lovely readership, and I feel like I have gotten to know them a little over the past – heavens – 2 years nearly. You do realise you are not allowed to stop blogging, right? For ever honey. I plan to be reading you when we're toothless (and hopefully then not bad-breathed, - last week's blog post lol) and grey and both fabulously famous authors ;-)

I'm blushing! It may kill my marriage, but I'll try ... without teeth and with festy goblin breath and all!! I do enjoy it as an outlet I must say.

I absolutely feel deep fried. But I've been feeling that way for about twenty years. I think I went straight from puberty to old age. Never really enjoying the youth in between. Now of course I look back at photos from me when I was a spritely teen or an early 20 something before I got married and would give almost anything to look that way now. I am on a journey to achieve good health. As you know, we share a lot of those horrible food/chemical sensitivities, and even the dizzy thing. I often wonder what it would feel like to feel great. I truly believe I could conquer the world if that was the case. I am always amazed at your strength to soldier on and DO things regardless. You have an infectious energy that makes me want to be a better person and achieve my goals. Alas, more often than not I live vicariously through you and quite often think we're twins (besides the height thing, and the different colour hair, the married thing, the fact you're stylish and attractive, you being a do-er thing, your maturity) other than that, I feel we're on a parallel path! I guess in a nut shell...I want to be you. Sad but true. 

Ok, ok,. flattered and blushing profusely ... try not to get all stalkerish on me (had that once before ... did I ever tell you guys that? Yes ... there was this very real "single white female" episode ...) You are totally making my head grow very big here ...  

I think your life is pretty amazing and I quite frankly couldn't be bothered to do the things I know I need to do to make mine better. Geez, that really makes me sound lazy, doesn't it? I am glad we met, and I feel that knowing you will contribute to my success. I love that you support and love me, regardless of what I look like and how lazy I am ;-)

So, where are you headed? In life I mean. What’s your dream and where’s it up to? As you know I love hearing about people’s direction.

I am a work in progress. I have many goals and dreams that I would love to fulfil, but a lot of hurdles within myself need to be overcome. But, I figure that I'm still here and haven't given up yet. The fact that I still keep trying, means I fall down, but I always get back up (you had a great blog post on that a while back). I have a deep desire to nurture young souls and heal our environment. I always thought it was going to be in a larger capacity, but maybe just raising two children into beautiful human beings is enough...for now.  

That's a huge legacy right there Boomerang Jane.  And you're two are definitely gonna be legacy creators themselves.

I do hope we both get to work with Richard Branson on that proposal though, I think you're on to something.  I think I have qualities that could be worthwhile to some, but trying to keep my focus and commitment is something that I think I should be medicated for.  I a shameless butterfly, flitting from one project to another.  Possibly afraid to settle for fear of making the wrong choice...sounds like I'm on the therapist's couch doesn't it.  Let me stand back up and get on with the lovely interview.  You have a lovely knack of making people feel so relaxed they'll reveal all their deepest darkest intimate secrets.  Pink with black polka dots is the colour of my bra today...oh sorry, you didn't ask..


I’ve read one of your children’s books and I am a huge fan of your re-usable shopping bags. I can totally see the two taking off hand in hand. If only Richard Branson’s peeps would respond to my business proposal we’d be off and running!

Thanks Leanne. If it wasn't for your Achieve Beyond Success network I don't think the bags would have gotten off my drawing board onto a real life design. I am proud of the bags, but since giving up my website have not really found a good way to tackle the practicalities of selling them. I had a delivery of 1000, and after selling a few hundred still have 700-odd bags gently placed in boxes in all of my precious linen cupboards and storage places around the home. So I would love to give them homes. I had a very proud moment when my bags were shown on Packed to the Rafters late last year. Again...I don't always follow up on opportunities but figure when I'm ready, I assume things will all work out.

It will work out.  Your bags will be everywhere very soon!  Would you like another drink? How about a snack. I have some more Betty Crocker in the house if you’d like a cupcake?

Oh my lordy, I've definitely overstayed my welcome. It'll be dinner time soon! I'm sure your Betty will be much nicer than the cake mix I've got waiting for me at home. I was all excited to show the kids I found a chocolate cake that was gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc...the (smart arse older kid) pipes up “sounds flavour free to me”. I'll bring some next time I pop over. One glass of coke is totes enough for me, thanks.

What do you snack on at home? I like nuts. Cashews …. And Cruskits and cream cheese.

Chocolate. The end. Oh, and the occasional finger nail (just joking, i'm growing mine now...real ones.) I've given up my beautiful acrylics – trying to go all authentic like – and i'm a tight arse and hated to spend the money on a manicure.

Been to the gym lately? I haven’t been in MONTHS due to the mystery virus. But I am no where near as dizzy as I used to be so I need to get back into it I suppose. I’ve lost all my toning.

I am pleased to say I did do something for me this year and that was to join a gym. I love it. It's MEEEE time. I went four times last week, but have decided three is enough this week. My knees don't seem to like to go as much as I do. Darn arthritic body. I am loving the treadmill (sooo perfect for me that I can still watch tv on the individual screen in front of me while working out) and met with a personal trainer a few weeks back who is giving me some gentle exercises with weights to tone this body up and get the (nonexistent) metabolism working. Unfortunately I have a very 'fat' body image to match my current overweight body. I have been told by my naturopath/dietitian/Bowen therapist persons that I could live on lettuce leaves and still be fat. Apparently I have to want to lose the weight. Right. 'coz I love being fat. I'll have to have a little talk to myself then, won't I?

Now that's interesting!! Hmmm.  That sounds challenging, I might be able to help you there.  Do you have any questions for me?

Will you still acknowledge my existence when you're rich and famous and friends with Richard Branson?

Boomerang Jane, you'll be on my pay roll!  My very large multi-million dollar pay roll.

[ DFF is looking at her watch]

Normally this is where you say I am looking at my watch and your gracious interviewees are asking “Is it time already, so soon?”. Now I get the feeling everyone is saying “thank goodness, can we go now”.

Well, we have gone a bit overtime I guess. But that's ok.  I've only missed one meeting (winks).   I'll catch up.  

Thank you for your hospitality. I would love to see you more often. But I keep putting things off until I'm skinnier and prettier and more, you know, grown up! It just never seems to happen. It does seem that I have more of a problem with myself than others have in me, huh. Maybe I need a few more confidence building sessions with Achieving Beyond.

Sure. If it means seeing you some more and having you love yourself as much as the rest of us love you. I'll draw up the contract right now!! 

Thanks for popping by!  Can't wait to have another cuppa/coke session with you one day soon.


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