Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 693

Yesterday's blog post was so long, that today's is going to be short.  Shorter than short in fact.  Let's make it squat instead.  Petite even.  Miniature?

If you haven't done so already jump back to yesterday's post where I had a fantastic chat with a fellow blogger over a virtual cuppa.  Yep, Guest Star Monday has returned. It was so interesting! Seriously ... would make for great reality TV.  Grab a cuppa and go have a read.

I'm off to a business workshop on online marketing and social media.  All day.  I am very much looking forward to it.  Especially when it comes to Twitter ... coz I don't wanna be a Twitter Twit or Facebook gumby anymore.

Twit Face here I come ...



  1. Hope you are learning lots today. Care to share with other gumby twits?

  2. Hope you enjoyed your course.

    I do apologize for being overly chatty, but I was having so much fun. Feel quietly better knowing that our chat was ever so marginally shorter than your bestie's Guest Star Monday post...by about three words, lol.

    And life in all it's whimsy & irony just gave me the word 'exess' to type into your word verification. Excess indeed ha ha, it obviously read yesterday's post too ;-)


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