Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 695

Tickets to give away! $20 in value each ...

Who would have thought this piece of deep fried fruit would be talking about babies. It seems that once again I am surrounded by them!  As my first born nears high school age, and my "baby" prepares for the middle years of primary school, I am going back to basics and living in a world of baby-dom.  What a shock.


Well, firstly because I am caring for a toddler and a baby twice a week while their Mum returns to work. So I am doing all things toilet training, nappies, craft, bottles, dummies, toys, porta cots, high chairs, prams and Dora the Explorer.  Holy heck.

Secondly because I am working on the Yuk to Kids project which is predominately aimed at under 5s (in the first instance).  You can read about that here.  And you can also read about it here. We are ensconcing ourselves in information about baby shows, toddler needs, parenting magazines, child safety strategies, baby shops and child health in order to launch the product in the best way possible. So I again I am getting back to baby-dom.

And thirdly because the lovely organisers of the Baby and Toddler show gave me a sample bag full of baby stuff last week which I plan to give away to some lucky bloggy pals in the near future.  Right now though I have a handful of tickets to give away for the Brisbane Baby and Toddler show being held this weekend.  I can't use them because I am in Canberra-ville, but I wish I could attend.  Seeing what is out and about in baby-land right now would be kinda cool, especially as it relates to my temporary role as a daycare mum and for further research and networking as it relates to my role as Business Liaison Officer and part of the business development team for Yuk to Kids.  But alas, a quick trip to Bris-vegas is out of the question this weekend.

So who would like some tickets?  


All of you? 

Some of you?  

All you need to do is either email me directly using that "email me" button up there on the left, or you can leave a comment below. Then I will give you the special ticket number with special instructions on what to do on arrival at the gate for your VIP entry.

Happy Thursday everyone!

(I'm off to change a very stinky nappy)

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