Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 698

It's Fathers' Day, and today I would like to tell you a little bit about my Dad.

He's a great Dad, very supportive, mostly patient, very wise and nurturing.  I am an only child.  Not because my parents only wanted one, but because that is all they managed to produce.  Right up until I was 14 I think they were still trying to have more kids, but it just wouldn't happen for them.  Then Mum was diagnosed with Leukemia and falling pregnant was out of the question.  So that was that.  They ended up with little ol' me.

So Dad never got a son, but he did get a daughter who did some boy stuff with him.  Like hanging out at the paddock with the cows and horses.  I did the whole pony club thing my entire life so we had that in common.  We had our horses.  But around the time of Mum's diagnosis, I also started to turn into a bit of a girly girl.  I mean, I was always a girly girl, but there was a tiny piece of tom boy in there ... if you looked hard enough.  Just enough tom boy to become my father's mate.  But then I grew my finger nails so helping him fence the paddocks kind of went by the way-side.  Didn't want to do anything that would break a nail! (Still don't ...)

Dad worked pretty hard all his life.  The day he left school he wandered into the Post Master General's office (Australia Post) and got a job as a postie.  Then he left the comfort of his family home and headed for the big smoke to learn how to become a Telecom Technician.  He worked for Telecom (PMG) all his life (for 36 years) until he retired early ... around the age of 50.  That is when he pottered around doing a bit of full time farming - surrounded by horses and cows up there on the Great Dividing Range.  He only sold that property and all the stock last year.  It's now him and his horses. Oh, and Mum of course.  She's not a cow or a horse ...

Dad's a good dad.  Actually, no - he's a GREAT Dad.  He's also a very good Poppy.  My kids adore him.  Sure, he can get a bit impatient and cranky at times, but not in a loud way.  Just in a "frustrated" kind of way.  I think I get that trait from him.  But there's a whole lot more love than there is frustration.

There is one moment forever suspended in time in my mind when it comes to my Dad. It was about 9 years ago.  We were sitting on his front veranda looking over the paddocks at the hills in the distance.  It was before I fell pregnant with Darby and I was struggling with a few life questions. I felt I needed to go down a different path ... and I was questioning my spirituality in the process. Anyway, I raised this with my father.  I said I was confused about God and religion. I acknowledged that there was something greater out there ... maybe God, maybe not ... but there was no doubt there were universal forces.  Whatever it was I wanted to work with it, but not have to worship it.  Was that wrong?  We also talked about other stuff like meditation, astral travelling, migraine auras and the power of the mind, positive thinking etc.  It was a long conversation, very deep.  I confessed to not praying to God, but rather thinking positively and wanting to work with the universe for a better world. Dad talked about prayer being no different than meditation or a bunch of people thinking positively and wanting the best for the world. There was a whole lot we talked about - I don't remember how it went exactly - but in the end my Dad's advice to me was "whatever you feel, don't question it mate, just go with it".  And so I did ...

That is one piece of advice I take with me as I continue on my current journey and today I wanted to share it with you. It's not the only words of wisdom of course ... but it's the one that I carry in my back pocket right now.

Thanks Dad.

Happy Fathers' Day!!

We're all off to have a big Fathers' Day luncheon with both sets of parents, Derek's brother and family and all the kids.  It's a lovely day.

What are you up to?

What piece of advice or life lesson did your Dad give you? 


  1. I love your dad....he is pretty awesome...especially becuase if it wasn't for him, you and I would not be. I love your dad.

    What piece of advise did my dad give to me?...well, I think that was instilled in me from little on up. When doing homework, if I didn't do well he would say, "did you try your hardest?, because if you tried your hardest that is all that I can ask of you."...and I say that to my boys today. "Did you truly try your hardest?...You can't be upset with yourself if you truly tried your hardest and put your whole heart into it. I still can hear him asking me that.

    Happy Fathers Day Dad!

  2. That's beautiful Cath ... and such good advice. I could hear your Dad saying that actually ... he is in my head saying that right now ..

    And yes, without my Dad you and I would not be "sisters at heart"

  3. What a great post. I hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday.


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