Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 699

Spring has sprung
the grass has riz
I wonder where
the flowers is!

Ok, ok, so the vocab isn't great but it's a start.  But I did find the flowers! They are right outside my window - yellow ones, pink ones, white ones. Wattle, camelias, blossoms.

It's not my window.  It's a window I have borrowed for the day.

Yes - I have escaped. 

After having a fantastic Fathers' Day weekend that included a soccer BBQ, indoor rock climbing, and co-hosting a cocktail party on Saturday, and an extended family Fathers' Day lunch yesterday, I followed Mum and Dad home to the farm to escape reality for a night and a day.  Not that my reality is bad mind you and needs escaping from. Oh no.  Not at all.  I have a great reality.  But the reality is ... that it is reality... and if I am going to get fully into a creative mojo I have to get away from things like email, phone, washing, cleaning, school lunches, clients, kids and husband .... all the distractions (lovely or otherwise) have to go if I am going to write a new book.

So here I am at Mum and Dad's farm looking out over the garden and horses and paddocks and hills from Dad's study as the sun rises and the fog lifts and the birds twitter (and the rain threatens).  I am ready to finish book (2) of my new series.  I am ready for my main character to leap off the page and grow right in front of my eyes as I pull the metaphorical puppeteer strings and watch her go about her storybook day.  Today she is going to face challenges that she can fix herself, and challenges that only a grown up can help with.  She is going to journey through a world of kid-nom with hopes and dreams and concerns and worries.  She is going to laugh and dance and cry and frown.  This little puppet is going to live a month today right here in this house through my fingers.  And no phone call or email or chore is going to tear her away from me.  Because today I have escaped my life to help her create hers.

Happy Monday everyone!! Can I hear you say "woot woot"?!


  1. Your day sounds superb friend! Yay to new beginnings and a month in the life of your new character! :) woot woot!

  2. Thanks for the woot woot Jen. Love a bit of woot woot on my Monday.


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