Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 700 - Give Away

Can I hear you say Woot Woot!!

Look at that title up there.  Day 700! That means I have been writing this diary of a fit, fabulous and slightly fatigued 40 year old for 700 days straight. I have been blogging every single solitary day for 700 days without a break.  That means I am 40 years and 700 days old! That means I am not only aging but raving mad.  That Day 700 means so many things ....

It also means it's time for a give away.  Yesiree. You can't let a milestone like that get away without some major celebration.

What's one of the biggest things we celebrate in our lives?

What one thing brings families together, makes grown men cry and reduces ladies to big piles of loving jelly?


My kids are no longer babies, but they will always be my babies.

Do you, or anyone you know, have a brand new baby or have one on the way?

The lovely people from the Baby and Toddler Show sent me a sample bag full of goodies which I am packaging up and offering you today as my Day 700 celebratory give-away.  Their next show is in Sydney at the end of the month.

There's environmental friendly nappies, washable breast pads, a car shade, jewelry.  All sorts of little things in there that I never knew existed.  It's a great little pack for someone with a brand new baby or one on the way.

All you have to do to be in the draw is leave a comment below saying that you'd love a new bundle of baby stuff, or email me using the "e-mail me" button over there on the right, and I will put your name in the hat.  The big draw will be made at 6.30am next Tuesday 13 September and results will be revealed on Day 707.

Help me celebrate!  Give us a bit of Woot Woot for Day 700.

Yeah baby ....


  1. Right. Well. Have no babies anymore, sob sob. Want badly to have another...but that's not going to happen. But, lots of friends who could love this prize. Or...maybe will keep til I'm a grandma, lol. Happy 700th. Damn, that's making me feel old.

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