Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 701

So I jumped on my bike yesterday for a very quick ride around the lake before I was due to go to a client, and half way around (as I am powering it out) my entire pedal component falls off.  I didn't get hurt or anything.  Just picked up the pedal and tried to put it back together but it kept falling off. So then I had to walk home and a quick bike ride turned into a long walk.

After I got home and showered I hopped in the car for the long drive across town.  I plugged in Tom Tom and waited not so patiently in the drive-way while some battery power kicked in.  Nothing.  So I started to drive hoping Tom Tom would fire up in good time.  I needed directions. Tom Tom was necessary. I was half way across town before I realised I had to hold the on button down for more than 5 seconds to get him started.  Phew. I thought all that I touched was going to poo.

Last night I was cooking dinner. I picked up the lid to my fry pan and it fell on the floor with the knob still in my hands.  Just like my bike pedal. There seems to be a few screws loose in my world.  Maybe everything I touch does actually turn to poo.

After dinner I sat down to watch the TV and as I scrolled through the channels to find something to watch I discovered that the channel I wanted had nothing but a black screen.  The sound was fine, just no picture.  Just like Tom Tom "the lights were on but no one was home".  Actually, no, that doesn't work.  There were no lights, but someone was home.

I walked out the back yard in the dark to put left over vegetable scraps in the bird feeder for the possum. I stepped in something squishy.  Yes. Everything I touch does turn to poo.

Here's hoping Wednesday is a "everything I touch turns to gold" kinda day.

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