Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 703

How was your "week that was"??  

Success or a great big "bumpbowwww"? 

Friday - a look at the week that was:

Monday - escaped to the countryside to write a book.  Managed to get 6 glorious chapters done. Also got to spend some time hanging with my folks and walking with the horses.

Monday - returned home in time to collect the kidlets from school, then had a meeting with my fellow cheer coaches as we started choreography for our Nationals team.

Monday - had a very successful cheer session that night with my juniors team where we perfected their cheer and poms routines in readiness for the upcoming ACT State Championships.

Tuesday - spent the morning in my home office working on some business development strategies for one of my projects and wrote a children's book/educational resource for our child safety strategy.

Tuesday - had a final session with a client and celebrated with her as we looked at all she has accomplished in the last few months.

Tuesday - went to the post office and picked up Tahlia's bridesmaids dress which came from overseas in readiness for Chelsea's wedding in a little over four weeks.  Bridesmaid's dress is too small!! Won't zip up the back. Bugger.  Bugger, bugger, bugger. Shit.  Bugger (oh ... I said that already).  Oh well, there is a solution in there somewhere ... just need to find it.

Wednesday - spent the morning in the home office working on two separate strategic alliance projects.  One with an executive coaching company with whom I am partnering to create coaching strategies for Executive Assistants, the other with a personal trainer and financial wizard who I am partnering with to create a holistic approach to health, fitness, and stress management.

Wednesday - headed across town for a meeting with above mentioned executive coaching company where we mapped out some forward movement.  Then came racing back to my side of the world for a meeting with my other partnership which we ended up "postponing" as one partner couldn't make it (grumble, grumble, spit).  Spent the afternoon writing a marketing pitch and starting on a conference presentation outline.  As luck would have it (or through the power of synchronicity) I received a random phone call handing me all I needed right in my lap!! The networking Gods were very kind ...

Wednesday - picked up a car load of children (mine and another), fed and watered them, then took a couple to calisthenics. While the networking Gods were doing great things, the time-management Gods sent me a frisby which I could have ignored but caught right between my teeth instead, meaning I had to deliver.  Yes, as per yesterday's post I took on an extra responsibility.  That word "bugger" comes to mind again ...  Oh, and speaking of bugger, I contacted Mum for advice and help on what to do with Bridesmaid's dress. No solution yet ... but she's thinking ...

Thursday - got up really early and cleaned my house a little, did some washing, worked in the home office and prepared for some child-care duties.  Two little people arrived on my doorstep at 8.00am ready to spend the day.

Thursday - fed them, read to the them, did jigsaw puzzles, played ball, gave them a bottle each and put them to bed for their middle of the day sleeps at which point I got stuck back into my project work including getting some business cards designed, writing a letter and re-doing my "temporary" author website in readiness for my book launch.   Oh, and I also managed to get the ball rolling on the calo concert.

Thursday - put business on hold again while I went outside with the little people and we cleaned out the cubby house, wiped down the old toddler slippery dip and brought it out into the open, and played on the trampoline.  Did a bit of breathing in crisp spring air and smelling of metaphorical roses in the process.  My real ones haven't bloomed yet ...

Friday - what will today bring?  Well, I think it will mirror yesterday to be honest.  I got up really early again to get some office work done.  I will spend the day juggling two little people with home office and (if the rain stays away) will spend more time outside actually breathing.  Might even take the little tackers to the local library to choose some new books for our reading session. Oh, and I will be spending some time on my marketing strategy for my first book given I got an email from NYC overnight saying "The release of My Happy Gift should be ready any day now. I will keep you updated on the status".  Yay! Oh, and I have allocated an hour in there to coordinate the concert.

Don't forget I have that Woot Woot baby give-away thing going on to celebrate Day 700.  Well, I'm not actually giving away a baby, but ... well ... you know.  No need to do anything fancy to enter, other than tell me you'd like to be included in the draw.

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you are able to celebrate the "week that was" 

Because it's Friday, you know what that means!! Time to Flog yo Blog!!! Head on over to the wonderful Where's My Glow as she does the whole linky thing.  There are some great reads! You'll be pleased you did.


  1. My week was about as jam packed as yours.....but you get that with 4 little kids and a full time job and a new found obsession for blogging.

    The only thing is I just WISH my Monday had started with an escape to the countryside to write my book! Serious motivation/writers block happening at my house :)

    I came to visit from FYBF x

  2. Wow - so much done. Sounds amazing. I have had a bumpbowww week unfortately, but am very happy that now I know how to spell 'bumpbowww' thanks to you.


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