Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 704

I am up at sparrows fart about to do groceries coz I can't stand doing the supermarket run with the rest of the world in attendance. I plan to be knocking on Woollies door at 7.00am.

That said I am pretty happy to have the finances to actually buy some groceries as it was touch-and-go there for a bit this month.  There was a point where we had $30 left to our name! Lucky for us some payments came through.  Also lucky for us we can draw down with our bank in case of emergency.

Doing this whole children's book writing thing has actually caused a bit of financial stress in our world.  As has the cheerleading caper.  Both are done without income in mind, and both take time away from me building up my business (or going back into the rat race), which is putting a bit of a strain on the household budget ... and of course (at times) the husband/wife relationship.  But I really feel that it's going to all work out in the end. That the purpose behind both endeavours is far greater than immediate income.  Luckily for me, my Husband sees that too (mostly).

So today I want to say thank you to my husband who bears with me as I plod along, and is able to bring in a good income so that I can be a mumpreneur (of sorts) as well as do volunteer stuff, hopefully creating a legacy for my children and loads of other kids around the place in the process.  I promise it will all be worthwhile ... and that business and books will take off to a point that money is no longer a worry.  

Big statement! It will happen .... I can feel it in my waters ...

Thanks Husband!

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  1. It's so great that you have such a supportive hubby - I'm sure it makes life a lot easier knowing that your man wants you to fulfil your dreams. All the best with your projects!

  2. It will happen. Keep believing. And keep being grateful for wonderful hubby!

  3. You are fortunate to have the support of a good man. And good on you for following your dreams x

  4. Good point, and good reminder for me to show some gratitude to my Intn'l Man of Mystery. He works really hard for his family and all my endeavours don't help the bank balance; I worry that it costs us money overall!

    He's been very supportive and I really try to make his life as easy as possible (with four kids in the house.)

    It's a dad-tastic weekend here as he's away Monday night to Kurdistan for a couple of weeks. He does appreciate being looked after a bit - who doesn't... so more dad-centric weekend for us too.

  5. its great to have a good man supporting our dreams! hope it all goes well,. just keep on plodding on! xx

  6. well done on a supportive husband.
    finances really suck.
    if we didn't need to eat we'd be rich

  7. Did you get my original comment? Doh, I HATE mobiles sometimes!

    I'm so glad you have such a supportive husband who lets you fulfill your dreams, even if it causes other stresses.

    Hang in there. It WILL happen. I feel it in my waters too ;)


  8. I love supermarket shopping at the crack of dawn too. :)

  9. Its great that you have such a supportive husband! Keep believing that this book is meant to me and it will be here before you know it! and it will be great!
    I love getting up early to go shopping too!

  10. Thanks for sharing the love and gratitude! And for visiting. I will pop by your place(s) shortly! Oh, and cheers to a whole bunch of "crack of dawners"


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