Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 705

Getting my cow girl on

"Wakey wakey rise and shine, isn't it a beautiful day!"

That's the text I just sent my daughter - courtesy of my mother having said that to me many mornings for much of my life (which was a nice way to wake up as a child but completely shit me in my late teens).

Tahlia is at her besties on account of the fact Husband and I went to a Cowboy 40th last night and we needed a sitter.  But there are no sleep-ins to recover from those C S Cowboys I slammed at the bar.  We're on the road to Sydney this morning for NSW State Calisthenics competition and I need to get ready.  It's a beautiful day for driving though .... and lucky for me God invented sun glasses to take away that post alcoholic glare.

Happy Sunday everyone!! Oh, and I wanna be a cowgirl ....

Here's a bit of Boys Don't Cry to send you down memory lane (or if you feel like getting your cow girl on)


  1. Hah - I remember THAT song!

    Hope it was a great night - you look fabulous!

  2. And you're one HOT cowgirl!

    I hope you survive the day!



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