Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 709

I'm feeling a bit blank.  I've got nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  Naught. I'm void.  Completely and utterly blank. Which would be good if I was a fresh new canvass waiting to be painted, but kinda sucks when I'm a walking talking human being who needs some mojo.

If I was actually a blank canvass what colour would I hope to be today? Hmmm.  In my mind right now I see peaceful colours.  Blues, greens, soft natural colours.  If I was a blank canvass I would hope for a picture that was restful, calm and nurturing.  I see a lady in softly draped clothes laying sideways on a love seat surrounded by flowers and birds.  Yeah, if I was a blank canvass that's what I would hope for myself today.

Hang on a minute! I am a blank canvass.

Given I am feeling blank I might as well create my own day! And that's the day I'm gonna have.  Cancel everything.  Forget business. Forget cheer.  Forget writing books.   Forget it all.  Well ... not all of it .... I have two littlies who need my attention today, but I can work around that.  Today (with them in tow) I will have a soft and gentle day, in comfy clothes, with fresh flowery outside air, tweeting birds and the occasional rest on the couch.

Huh.  Imagine that .... imagine it being that simple ....


  1. So, U R OK today then! These dang littlies, they do so take up time, eh.

  2. HUGS - take some time out today for yourself. give yourself a foot spa and slap on some polish. Nothing like painting some of that canvas with a bit of bright colour.

  3. I am ok. R U guys ok today? Happy RUOK day. I am trying to do minimal "to-dos" but of course despite my fresh canvass approach it doesn't quite stop ..

  4. Leanne

    It sounds like you have a beautiful day planned and I hope it all went without a hitch.

    It's good to be blank at times. To just be in the moment, I guess.

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog


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