Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 711

During the week we had RUOK Day here in Australia. The very handsome Hugh Jackman was the face of the campaign. (Hey ... did I tell you about the time Hugh was at this party and .... Oh, you know that already?)

I didn't post about it here, but I did acknowledge and encourage participation on my business Facebook Page.  It's an important initiative and I was proud of how fellow Aussies embraced it.

Many of us are advocates of RUOK concepts daily. Right here on this blogosphere there is a huge support system that keeps an eye on each other and reaches out to listen in times of need.  There are a lot of people around us who really hear and extend a virtual arm to lead people through their fogs.

On Thursday I didn't need reminding to do that, but I was reminded of just how strong my support network is.  In both directions.  Normally I wouldn't keep a mental check list of all the RUOK's in my day, but on Thursday I did.  I had real life contact with two bloggers on Thursday as we checked in on each other, I had Facebook contact with another, I had phone contact with a client who was feeling less than OK, and a conversation with a woman I hardly knew who was feeling quite distressed about an incident.  I had three different sets of parents from a cheerleading and calisthenics perspective call me/email me and asked if I was Ok and could they share my load.  And of course I had my Mum make contact just to see if I was OK.  I also had an overnight email from a fellow author checking in on my publishing journey.

Today I am grateful for my support network.  I am pleased there are a lot of people around me that can lead me through the fog when things get murky, and I am pleased I have an inbuilt GPS system so that I can lead them through there's.

Head on over to Maxabella for some more gratefuls on this glorious and very OK Saturday.


  1. Im glad you have such a great support network. :)

  2. A loving support network is what allows me to answer 'yes'. I wish it was true for everyone!

    I am glad you are sorted!!! x


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