Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 713

Firstly, before I go any further, I have a WOOT WOOT giveaway.  Who would like to attend the Better Homes and Gardens LIVE SHOW out at the Showground at Olympic Park this weekend?  I have four tickets to give away valued at $20 each.  I will need to express post them to you so entries close tomorrow night (Tuesday 20 September at midnight).  All you need to do is comment below and tell me that you'd LOVE them and I'll send them on to you.  WOOT WOOT.


Now, for the exciting part of the post (not that going to see the lovely Johanna live and in person isn't exciting ... it's just that this bit is SUPER exciting).

While I was in Berry on the weekend I went for a palm reading.  I have only ever had one psychic type experience before in my life (many many years ago) so I was kind of excited about the prospect.  Before I go any further, I have to explain that I am not all hippy and rainbowy and wand waving, but I don't disbelieve either. I am open to the possibilities.

So I sat down with this man who started by looking at my hands, front and back, and explaining what different finger positions mean, how the hand works, why some fingers curve and bend, the difference between the gaps in fingers etc.  He also explained that the lines on your dominant hand (the hand you write with) can change throughout your life as you make certain choices, while the lines on your other hand (your "destiny" hand) do not change. Interesting.

So .... this is what my reading told me:

  • the large gap between my little finger and the others shows that I am very independent
  • the bow in my little finger says I need to "believe" in something (Yep - believe and you will achieve is my motto for life)
  • The fact that my pointer and ring fingers both curve into my middle finger means I often feel "obligated" and that the lines at the tops of the middle three fingers form a "duty cross".  This is what causes me conflict as I feel a sense of duty and obligation which conflicts with my independence.  He said I need to use that straight middle finger a lot more on its own and say "NO" more often (LOL).
  • The fact that my thumbs curl at the ends means I am very giving.
  • On the life line of my dominant hand ... the life I do have control over (as opposed to the destiny hand which is 'set in stone') it showed markings along it signifying events in my life.  The first being in womb ... showing trauma ... like Mum had stress during my pregnancy (she almost miscarried me and was on medication to stop that from happening).  He also noted that I had low self esteem from the ages of 7-16 and that there was a trauma in my life somewhere around the ages of 11-17 (Mum's leukemia).
  • The good news is my life line is very long and very strong ... and I am not even half way through it yet! Woot Woot
  • My hands show that I have two children of my own which he described as "chalk and cheese" and he also believes I have had a miscarriage at some point that I may not be aware of.
  • My hands show I have a strong marriage that will last although it will need some work, and he also knew that I'd had a previous serious relationship which he said I stayed in for too long.
  • My hands show that I currently work for myself although he is a little perplexed as he thinks that may change but he can't quite work out why/how because I'm not necessarily going to work for someone else either but I will be bringing in an income
  • There are no major concerns with my health although I do need to keep an eye on my gall bladder and be careful of fatty foods.
  • I am one of only 20% of the population that has psychic crosses all down both hands which means that I must listen to my intuition because it is more than just a gut feeling I really am tuned into the universe.
  • I have spirits around me due to above point but I'm not to worry I only attract good energy so they are friendly and safe spirits and they look after me.
  • My destiny hand suggested I was a healer, he wasn't sure in what form, but it may not be in body but a healer of mind.
  • He saw that I was working towards something very important to me and that it had been in transition phase for a couple of years. He feels that all will start to come to fruition next March and that by 2014 it will have exploded into something huge and I will have achieved great success.  
  • He described my dominant hand as "outstanding" and that I was going to be just fine.

So there you have it.  As I said way up above, I'm not all wand wavy and voodoo but I am open to the possibilities.  I know one thing for sure ... I really believe in what I am doing and the path that I am headed, but a small piece of me did wonder if I was perhaps a bit deluded.  Having this reading has just encouraged me to stay focused on my current journey.  Whether it's true or not, I'll take it ...  I'm going to be just fine.

Have an OUTSTANDING week everyone!

I know I will. I'm off to the Ultimate Success Summit with my man Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki.  


Don't forget to tell me if you'd like tickets to the LIVE Better Homes and Gardens Show this weekend ...

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