Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 715

My view today

How pretty are those gardens!

Off to walk around there right now

I am sitting here on the 8th floor of the Novotel Rockford in Darling Harbour looking out my window over the beautiful Japanese Gardens with the Sydney skyline behind them.

I love Sydney .... from a distance.

I really really love it ..... from a distance.

Sitting in Darling Harbour makes me swell with pride and appreciation as I see how pretty this city is.  From a distance.

But the moment I step foot on the pavement on the other side of Harbour Street and start walking towards George Street my entire energy shifts and migraine starts bouncing around my head.  I am far too sensitive to the energies that are trapped in the corridors of cement between all those high rises.  There is too much aggression and anger or something.  It's just too tense. Or is it actually me that becomes too aggressive, angry and tense?  Hmmm.  Either way, I don't like it. So I choose not to enter.

Instead I sit back here and marvel at the beauty that is Sydney .... from a distance.

I even slept with the curtains wide open last night so I can watch the city lights.  It felt like Christmas. Beautiful.

I'm off for a walk around Darling Harbour.  And then I am going to hang with Mr Trump (in a manner of speaking).

Ciao for now!!!


  1. I love Sydney from afar too. Enjoy. Say hi to The Don for me. Are you with husband or is he home with kidlets being good house husband?

  2. Husband is by my side. Nanny is home with the kidlets. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. It's been a great event and the Don did not disappoint. He was FUNNY!!!


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