Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 717

Happy Friday!!!

Woot Woot.

Gotta love Fridays.  Love them almost as much as I love Mondays.

Soooooooo ..... whatchya up to today?  This weekend?  Anything spesh going on?

As you know Husband and I have spent the week in Sydneyville doing lots of achieving at the National Achievers Congress. We got to have a bit of a listen to the likes of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.  They were all very interesting with Mr Trump surprising me with his humour.  He was hysterical - I was absolutely wetting myself!! I didn't necessarily agree with some of the things he had to say, but there is no doubt that the man has charisma.  Hair and all.  The best part was when he was actually taking the piss out of himself ... and his hair. I may not like some of his philosophies but I sure do admire his balls, determination, humour and his ability to tell a bloody good yarn.

In addition to hearing all about doing good business, we also heard from experts in real estate, stocks and bonds, health professionals, e Bay, tax strategy etc etc.  Much of it was over my head but I still took heaps of notes.  Much of it also became a bit "infomercial" but if they have something good to sell, then why not I guess. Over the next few weeks I'll share some of the tools I brought home with me to assist with positive forward movement.

Oh, and by the way, my book .... my first book ... the one we've all been waiting for .... well, it just popped up on Amazon!  Just now.  This morning.  Like literally right this second.  Holy shit!!!!  (It's so freakin' cheap ... it's too cheap ... they're practically giving it away .... plus they only have 2 copies for sale ... what does that mean? Two copies .... there needs to be more than two copies ... and it says it is paperback and it's supposed to be hard cover ... shit ... but that's ok ... my book is for sale on Amazon!! And the other stuff can be fixed up later)

Anyway, go and search for it ... "My Happy Gift" by Leanne Shea Langdown.

Happy, Happy, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Wooooooot wooooooooot.

HOLY SHIT ... my book is for sale on Amazon?!??  

Holy shit .....

I think I may be going into shock ....


  1. OMG! that's SO EXCITING, I got such a shock of happy surprise to read it Leanne, congrats chick!

  2. OMG!!! You did it!!! You are a published very proud of you my friend....

  3. Congratulations you did it! What an amazing feeling that must be. Hopefully some of that weight is now off your shoulders and your feeling lightened and happy :)

  4. Well happy days, you must be thrilled. So...are they making some books available to you to sell yourself here in Aus? I'll buy one!

  5. Congratulations Leanne!! Sooooo proud of you. You rock!! Big hugs from Julie and me xxx

  6. woohoo! go you! That must be an absolutely fantastic feeling. Im inspired and green with envy all at the same time :))


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