Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 719

Oh migraine, migraine, why do you hurt me so?

I am loaded with painkillers.  My face looks like a swollen bowling ball.  I am coaching at the Australian All  Star ACT State Championships today and migraine is not a handy ally.  Boomerang Jane said yesterday "Hope your migraine goes away before cheer comp. I'd imagine it would be akin to having the hangover from hell and having to host the loudest kids party ever if things don't improve. " She's spot on. Cheer comps are high energy, full of spirit, loads of cheering yelling, music at decibels that would make AC/DC proud and with a need for coaches to be on the ball in case stunts go pear shaped.  There is no place for migraine at a cheer comp.

Meditation Medication anyone?  

Anyway, no time to sit around feeling miserable.  Got to put my cheer face on and get jiggy with it.  Plus it is my beautiful Magic Girls birthday today.  

Yep. The original "cheer chick" is turning 12 and what better day to do it than at the ACT State Championships.  If it wasn't for Tahlia's desire to be a cheerleader this cheer squad would never have been formed.   As 80+ kids go out there and perform today in our school colours Miss Tahlia and I can sit back and be proud of all that we have achieved.  We are almost at the end of an era.  This is our last year with this squad.  As Tahlia moves to high school next year I will be handing the reigns of this primary school squad to the other very talented coaches and moving to a new team with my Magic Girl.  Today's comp is pretty significant in that regards.  

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope yours is full of magic, spirit, and cheer (and headache free).


  1. Happy birthday Tahlia.

    Sorry you still have the migraine. You are amazing to soldier on. Good luck at the comp today. I remember when we met at that course in 2009 and you were trying to come to grips with the fact you'd signed up for a cheer coach & you were scared freakin shitless you didn't know what you were look at you! Well done.

  2. Happy Birthday Tahlia.

    I have some nice medications but I can't share, sorry. I hope today was okay for your head and great for all the teams.


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