Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 720

Another Monday and still no guest star. Bugger.  I meant to organise it ... I have three guests in waiting ... maybe even four ... but I just haven't done anything about it. So sorry.

Anyway, it's Monday, and we all know how much I love Monday's!!

Today as I recover from yesterday's cheer comp I also spend the day marketing my book.  My wonderful Mum has come by to help out which is a huge bonus.

Today I also prepare for the Australian All Star Cheerleading Nationals.  After yesterday's fantastic ACT State event it's time to choreograph new routines for the 20 kids who are heading to Brisbane in November.  It's going to be an intensive two months in the lead up to the big event.

Today I also take in cupcakes to the school for Magic Girls birthday celebrations.  Luckily I had my act together somewhat on Saturday and baked them then, and iced them this morning. Phew!!

Oh, and I am supposed to be calling someone about a conference? A chance to speak or something. Must remember to do that.

Oh crap, and I have a meeting to organise with the local child safety authority with that other project ...

Oh ... man ... and I have a marketing campaign to outline for another mob ....

Yep, busy day. Busy busy day.

Better get to it!

Oh, before I go, our little girl had a ball on her birthday yesterday.  Not only did she get spoiled by her team mates with cupcakes and high fives and loads of attention, but she also had her birthday announced on the loud speaker with a big bunch of balloons brought in by Daddy and a 400+ crowd singing happy birthday.  It was cheerific!  Her team did a great job at the comp too which was a bonus. Thirds in cheer, poms and group stunt. Woot woot!!

Happy Monday everyone. Cheers to a great week!

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