Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 725

As I prepare for my daughter's 12th birthday party at the farm, I am grateful for wide open spaces and the ability to leave suburbia behind for the peace and serenity of grass, trees and hills.

View from the front yard

I am taking a KIA load of girls to Nanny and Pop's today where Tahlia has requested they do farm girl things like collect firewood, feed sheep, hang out with the horses, pamper the ponies, ride the quad bike, have a tug-o-war competition, sit in the hot tub under the stars, and camp overnight in the camper van.  I take this stuff for granted but for Tahlia's friends, this is a brand new experience.  I am grateful that I (well, Nanny and Pop) can give that to them.

I am also grateful that these kids are beautiful, easy going, well rounded girls and that my job as chaperone will be made easy because of the strength of their friendship(s) and the respect they have for each other.  Seven girls could quite easily be explosive ... but not with these kids ... they're impressive in their acceptance, tolerance and like for each other.

I'll be even more grateful if this rain would stop and the icy wind would calm down so that the farm experience can be one truly spent outdoors.

Happy Saturday everyone ... what are you grateful for? 

Head on over to Maxabella as she shares the joy of thanks with Lemon Rhodes this week


I am also grateful for increased child safety.

We need your vote!

Does anyone remember that child safety initiative I've been working on?  I'm working with a very enthusiastic mother who has created a child safety logo to help parents teach their kids what should and shouldn't be touched around the home. Have you ever noticed that on bleach, dish detergent, toilet cleaner, and the like there is absolutely nothing on the label to communicate to kids that the product is dangerous?  Have you noticed that? All we do is lock them out with lids and special cupboard locks (saying NO) without helping them to make the choices themselves and understand why.  Well, Yuk to Kids is a child safety symbol in sticker form created for home use. It is quick for kids to understand and simple for parents to teach. Our ultimate mission is to have as many potentially dangerous products as possible display the Yuk to Kids logo.  Everything is ready to go … we just need the funding for our first print run and Yuk to Kids is well on its way to becoming a much needed household name.  

But to get there we need your vote in the Best Beginnings competition. If you are on Facebook we'd love for you to pop on over and vote for us.  Just click here.

In fact - we'd be forever grateful.  

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  1. Wow that sounds like a great party! so nice to hear kids wanting to get out of the city and do those sorts of things! Enjoy the weekend. x


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