Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 726

Back home safe and sound with all 8 kids in tow.  No one fell off the quad bike, got kicked by a horse, fell in the dam or fell off the back of the ute.  Everyone is safe and well (and happy).

Not everyone in the beautiful country of ours is going to be able to say the same thing.  Did you know that 3500 kids per year are taken to emergency due to serious poisoning occurring in or around the home?  Did you know that even baby oil can kill your child if they drank it?  Check out this link to see what Baby Oil can do.  And don't let me get started on chemical burns, scalding from boiling water and issues with fertilisers and car oils/petrol ... all found around the home.

When I was a kid the skull and crossbones were printed on dangerous things. I knew such bottles were not to be touched.  Whatever happened to them?  As parents we keep things up high and there are child safety lids, but what about when products are being used, or if someone accidentally leaves them within reach.  What is on the products to communicate TO THE CHILD that this stuff is dangerous?

Well, lucky for us one very clever Mum is doing something about it.  She is campaigning to get visual warnings back on dangerous household items in an attempt to keep our kids safer.

But she needs our help.  She needs our votes over at the "Best Beginnings" competition so that she can officially launch her "Yuk to Kids" campaign.  We'd love it if you could pop on over to the Best Beginnings website, take a look at her video and if you like her initiative, then vote for her.

Thanks everyone! And cheers again to a happy and SAFE Sunday.

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