Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 727

Carpe diem

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.  Not only is it Monday, it is a long weekend! Two happies right there. AND, not only is it Monday and a long weekend, it is also the school holidays.  Three happies all wrapped up in a bow.  Not only is it Monday, a long weekend and school holidays ... but the rain and wind has ceased and there is sunshine and birdies and flowers.

So many happies for this fabulous Monday.

Forget seizing the day ... it's time to seize the week!

I actually wrote cease there instead of seize on my first draft ... hmmm .... cease the day .... Freudian slip? What is my sub conscious trying to tell me?? 


  1. Hi Leanne,

    Thought it was about time I said hello. Great to see you are still powering along. Enjoy the week.

  2. Hi Kas!! How lovely to hear from you :) :) :)


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