Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 728

I've lost my little wagging puppy tail (1) and I've grown more of a fluffy possum one of the ring tail variety (2).

I am 40 years and 728 days old.  I've gotta say, that doesn't quite add up.

I started this blog on my 40th birthday (well a few days after at which point I started it with the Title Day 4 ... but that's mere detail).  So that number up there should read Day 730.  Am I right?  Or do I just suck at maths? 365 days in a year x 2.  I am confused.  There have been no leap years.  Somewhere along the way I have lost 2 days.  Two whole days of my life have just up and disappeared!!! How annoying! What should I do?  Change the title?  It doesn't balance and I need it to balance.  The OCD in me has me rocking back and forth breathing into a paper bag right now.  It just doesn't add up ...

Today I am supposed to be 40 and 730 days old. Or in layman's terms I am 42.  But given I am not going to age past 40 (until I am 50) then we'll call it 40 with a ring tail possum appendage.  Sound good?

Yep, today is my birthday and I have grown a nice fluffy tail to celebrate.  Yipee for me!!!

Now ... what to do about that title ....


  1. Ah, Happy Birthday?

    And as one who only has a bit more than your 730 days to get there, let me tell you... 50 is looking a little daunting from this angle.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Leanneeeeeee Happy Birthday to you :) Yes maybe time for a new header! x

  3. thanks for my birthday messages!! Nice to have birthdays but definitely not aging beyond 40 :)

  4. Huge Happy Birthday wishes to you. Sorry for missing the proper day. I'm looking forward to reading Deep Fried Fruit for am lot more years whether you age along with it or not. You and the blog are both gorgeous.


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