Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 732

Today I am grateful for new experiences, arriving safely and being able to say "geez, you don't see that everyday".  

Sometimes you just come across things you wouldn't normally see.  Take yesterday for example.  We were driving down the mountain to the coast when we came across a line of about 8 cars pulled over to the cliff side of the road with people jumping out and running across the road to a car that had just missed a turn and rolled, now lying on its drivers side balanced against the mountain wall.   As we turned the corner the young driver (a teenage-ish girl) was climbing up out of the passenger window as though she was coming out of a manhole in the ground. She was sobbing but appeared physically ok.  There were plenty of people around and there was no space for us to stop so we kept driving.  I couldn't stop thinking if there were others in the car, parents, kids, pets.  I couldn't stop thinking about how she must be feeling. I couldn't stop thinking how lucky she was to physically be able to climb out of the car, and how lucky she was that she ran off the road on that side against the wall, rather than on the other side and down the mountain.  I couldn't stop thinking about the gratitude that goes with a safe trip. And I couldn't stop thinking "geez, you don't see that everyday".

Then today we went fishing off a breaker wall.  As we walked to our normal spot we came across a hand full of people surrounding something on a rock. It was a seal.  We stopped to look and marvel at this fabulous creature. I immediately started thinking it was hurt or sick, but then as a group we all decided that perhaps he had just come up for a little sleep.  Just minutes before he had apparently been swimming and playing in the water and then he had climbed up the wall and laid down, stretched, grunted and went to sleep. So there we were fishing for two hours with some marine life right  beside us taking a kip!  He would wake up occasionally, stretch and turn and then fall asleep again not at all concerned by our presence.  He did bark at the kids at one point for getting too close, but all in all he seemed to be oblivious to our company.  I thought of how wonderful it was that we had these opportunities.  I thought how grateful I was that I lived in a world that was diverse and full of the wonders of nature. And I couldn't stop thinking "geez, you don't see that everyday!"

Yep, today I am grateful for new experiences, arriving safely and being able to say "geez, you don't see that everyday".  

For more gratefuls head on over to Maxabella as she shares the joys of make believe with a whole bunch of other grateful bloggers.  Happy Saturday!!!


  1. I am grateful to have a friend like you!

  2. I can't remember the last time I had the pleasure of a 'you don't see that every day' moment... I gotta get out more, Leanne! I would love to fish beside a seal... or just to fish might be nice. Perhaps me fishing would be my 'you don't see that every day' moment...! x


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