Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 733

It's only 6 days until Miss Chelsea's wedding and I may not fit into the frock I bought in Hawaii for the big event.  Holy guacamole! (Yum ... tacos sound very good right now.)

It's school holidays and we're eating like we've just come out of hibernation! Pizza, nachos, custard, chocolate cake, more pizza. Holy shit.  Where did this gut come from?!

But then again, my jeans seem really baggy around the butt. Surely big baggy jeans means nice skinny Leanne? Surely? Then I weighed myself.  The scales are not kind. Where did that come from!!!  I was walking around in a false sense of security, ignoring the scales because my jeans were telling me a different story.  Then I realised why they were so baggy around the bum ... it's because my bum isn't where it's supposed to be ... it's bloody well dropped about 10 cms south and my arse is now divided in half and sitting quietly in each trouser leg! Holy snappin' duck shits.  I have not only put on weight but my arse is hanging like a wet paper bag.  Well doesn't that just rot your socks ....

One week. I've got one week to get ship shape as step-mother-of-the-bride.  I need help!! Can somebody please help me?

The next 6 days is going to be the diary of a get-fit-fast and pay-lots-of-money-to-become-fakely- fabulous 40 (2) year old woman!!

While channeling my inner "Ab-Fab" persona (Patsy) I'm off to crack open the champas as I contemplate this conundrum and write my list of exercise and drab-to-fab to-dos!

Happy Sunday everyone.  My wish for you is that your arse is exactly where it's supposed to be ...

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  1. Leanne

    I'm cracking down on my diet too. Also had a false sense of security with the jeans during winter...

    No answers from me, I'm afraid but I agree, champers is a good thinking drink :-)

    SSG xxx


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