Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 735

Today's diet?  Well, it started with green tea and a couple of spoons of tuna for breakfast and will hopefully progress to some sort of salad and crackers for lunch with home made chicken and sweet corn soup and fried rice for dinner.  Yes. I am starving! But it's all a short term thing.  Must lose tummy for wedding. Exercise for today will include some swimming laps with Derek and the kids at the local indoor pool (which may iron out some of the kinks I have in my back and neck after a restless night sleep ..... ) and will also include 60 sit ups.

But enough of that boring crap. Now onto more interesting things.

This publishing gig continues to be a fascinating journey.  Just when you think you are home and hosed because the book is now in print, you realise the journey is right back at a new beginning.  The beginning of distribution, marketing and actually having people read the bloody thing.  I knew that of course.  I have my own marketing in train, but that is all based on book stores actually being able to get their hands on the book in the first place which is proving to be a bit interesting.

You see, my book is coming out of the USA via the worlds biggest book distribution company.  You would think that is a good thing, right?  Well, not necessarily.  This distribution company is so big that book stores don't necessarily deal with them due to the sheer size of their book lists.  Apparently they have around 4 million books in their catalogue, which means My Happy Gift is a bit of a "need in a haystack".  Hmmm.  Many book retailers just don't deal with them.  Well that sucks!!

How do I know this? Well part of my personal marketing campaign (which I am running in parallel with my Publishers marketing campaign) is to make direct contact with some major retailers in Australia to promote myself.  I had a lovely chat to the lady in charge of the Big W book supplies at their head office yesterday and she explained the process.  They will not be stocking My Happy Gift because of the distributor issue.  They get their books directly from the Australian publishing houses. They have cut out the "wholesaler" and get directly from point of manufacture (so to speak). Yes, I am learning a lot.  Fascinating isn't it?!

There is a lot whizzing around my brain right now ... I know there is a solution to the challenges I face with this new author career ... I've just got to keep searching the inner recesses of my muddled mind until I find them.

The good news is that My Happy Gift is now available at Booktopia here in Australia, The Book Depository in the UK (with free international shipping) and Amazon in the USA.   Yay!! And any day now it will be available from me directly.

Here's the Foreword of my book by Johanna Griggs (host Better Homes and Gardens, former Olympic Swimmer and Channel 7Television sports commentator) just so you can get a feel for the book.

Happy Tuesday!

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