Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 736

So the wedding is just three days away.  Yippers.  How exciting!

Today is a beautiful sunshiny day.  That is our wish for Saturday (it's an outdoor wedding).

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting showers with late thunder storms.  That's not the forecast we want.  It's a late wedding.  Hmmmm.

Let's choose another weather site that gives us a more pleasing prediction .... let's try the weather channel.  Now that's better! They say just a few showers and no mention of thunderstorm.  We'll take that one thanks ....

So we've talked enough about me in the lead up to this wedding - specifically the fact I've been trying to slim down in five days by starving myself.  Well not quite starving myself, but I am hungry .... a lot.  Other things about me at the wedding:

  • I am the step-mother-of-the-bride so I am wanting to look good but not take her mothers glory
  • I bought my frock in Hawaii
  • My frock is a cocktail dress and very colorful
  • My accessories will  be cream
  • I have had my hair coloured, am off for eyebrow tint and wax today and will have a spray tan tomorrow
  • I have my suck-it-all-in-till-I-can't-breathe-scuba-suit-underwear all ready to go
  • I have bought a new pair of shoes which are looking like those 8 inch heels that are currently in fashion and it is a stand up wedding and a stand up reception (what the hell was I thinking?)
  • If it rains my hair will turn into a frizzy mess so I am thinking a slinked back up-do is in order
  • I am wearing the pearl earrings I was given for my 40th but no other jewelry
  • I am going to be using my Olga Berg clutch for the first time (as opposed to my Older Bird Crotch which is what my husband thought I first said all those years ago) which is another 40th birthday present
  • I have just realised that at 42 it is sad my 40th birthday presents are seeing the light of day for the first time
  • I have just realised I may need more jewelry and should probably go shopping
  • I have just realised that this wedding is costing quite a lot of money and that we have no money for me to go shopping
  • I have just remembered that the sun is shining RIGHT NOW and I have kids and a dog who could do with a walk so I'm going to haul on my big chunky "Shape Up" sneakers and take them all around the lake. 
Tomorrow I will talk about Tahlia and Darby at the wedding, then on Friday (if you're lucky) I may just discuss the bride.  

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