Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 737

Yesterday's diet was cereal and green tea for breakfast, Cruskits with salad and tuna for lunch, and pumpkin soup with crusty bread for dinner.  Exercise was a 5km walk around the lake (in Shape Up shoes).  Today I plan on yogurt and strawberries for breakfast, pumpkin soup and Cruskits for lunch, and we're going out for a casual "wedding rehearsal" dinner tonight where I will make a boring wise menu choice. Exercise today is stretching and .... um ... more stretching ... and ... oh ... and some dips and curls for my arms. Blah, blah, blah ...


Now for the fun stuff. Wedding talk ...

After talking about myself yesterday, today I talk about Tahlia and Darby's involvement in their big sister's wedding.

Chelsea is only having two bridesmaids: her two sisters.  Tahlia from our side of the family, and Sam from her Mum's side.  Tahlia is 12 and Sam is 17 (or is that 18?) Darby will be in charge of the rings.

When Tahlia was born Chelsea was 11 years old.  They didn't meet until Tahlia was a week old (Chels had been on holidays with her Mum) and I remember the day they did.  I shed a few tears.  Chelsea spent a lot of time with Tahlia when she was a toddler and pre-schooler, but then her focus changed as she herself explored her teenage years.  Once Tahlia got to an age where she liked clothes and could have a good conversation, and when Chelsea had grown from teenager to adult, the focus was back and Chelsea became the big sister role model.  Especially when it comes to clothes.  So it was incredibly exciting for Miss Tahlia when Chelsea asked her to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.  Everything Chelsea has suggested for the girls has come with a resounding YES from Tahlia.  In Tahlia's eyes it's all incredibly perfect.

After scouting around bridal shops and being expected to fork out over $300 for an ugly bridesmaid's dress we decided to order on-line.  Tahlia's dress is gorgeous and fits her almost perfectly (after a minor glitch with the first dress that arrived too small, we reordered and got a good result). It is a black knee length cocktail dress with fitted bodice, spaghetti straps, and full skirt.  I say it 'almost' fits her perfectly because there is one slight problem - the dress arrived with boobs moulded in.  Tahlia has just turned 12 and is as flat a board.  It all looks a bit odd, but what can you do?  We looked at trying to "take them out" but it is so well made that it would change the entire shape of the dress if we even tried.  So our little girl will be sporting a fairly sizable A cup on Saturday.  Much to her delight ...

Chelsea was 16 when Darby was born.  She had always wanted a brother so Darby was the ants pants right from the start.  She has doted on him ever since and so has Pat.  Darbs loves it.

Darby wasn't included in the wedding right at the beginning which was just fine by him.  Unlike Tahlia he runs a mile from the centre of attention.  So when, just three weeks ago, Chelsea and Pat asked him if he would be in charge of the rings on the day, Darby said a flat out "NO".  After Pat recovered from the shock they asked him again, explaining how it would work and again Darby said "NO".  Then we suggested he wouldn't have to walk down the aisle, nor would he have to have people looking at him and he wouldn't have to be looking at lots of people.  But again he said "NO".  I understand that he has his right to choose but I can't let him miss out on this once in a lifetime event due to fear.  So we agreed on an "I'll think about it" answer, knowing he would eventually come around.  And he has.  As long as he can sit/stand down the front of the congregation with me, just shuffle forward at the time they need the rings, hand them over and then walk backwards back to me without once having to see the 90+ people in the crowd who will be watching.  Ok then.  We have lift off ...

Darby will be wearing a black pin striped suit with white shirt and black long tie.  He'll wear his school shoes (which reminds me, I must clean them today).  We got the suit as a hand-me-down which is excellent. The pants were enormous but clever Nanny has managed to take them in and now he looks very smart in a 7 year old dude-like way.

Things the kids are doing in preparation for the big day:

  • Tahlia has stopped biting her nails and will have a French manicure
  • She is wearing little black Nine West heels that we got for $7.50 at an outlet in Hawaii
  • She bought little silicone caps for her shoes to wear on the grass so she doesn't sink
  • She is having her hair done alongside Chelsea and Sam
  • She is getting her make up done alongside Chelsea and Sam
  • She will be carrying white lilies
  • She has no jacket nor shrug nor shawl so I may need to invest in that to ensure she is warm
  • Darby has new hair product.
  • He needs black socks
  • No other preparation for Darby other than mental.
Tonight is the rehearsal.  Only two days until the wedding.  Yipeeeeee (followed by YIKES).

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  1. Excellent. It sounds very exciting for everyone. Have fun tonight - especially with your wise dinner choice.


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