Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 738

I did not make a wise or boring choice at dinner last night - I had an enormous steak covered in a creamy garlic and seafood sauce.  YUM! But my insides were in turmoil afterwards. The food devil was sent to punish me. The pain! I swear I must have gall stones. Nor did I do arm curls or dips yesterday.  I just plain forgot! Sigh. Today I am eating cereal for breakfast, fruit for morning tea, a packed salad lunch (we are running a Cheer Day Camp today in preparation for our Australian Nationals quest so Tahlia and I will be eating on the run) and stir-fry with noodles for dinner.  The wedding is now one day away.


Today I was going to talk about the bride, but we'll leave that to the actual wedding day.  Today I will chat about her father.

When I met Derek Chelsea was 6 years old.  I knew absolutely nothing about kids having been an only child myself with no siblings to nurture, and as I grew never associating with people who had young families.   I mean, I had younger cousins but it didn't bring out my maternal side.  I never did the whole baby sitting gig as a teenager, nor did I ever dress a child, change nappies or wipe any bums.  It was all foreign. I accepted that Derek had a daughter right from the get-go and I welcomed her in and loved her company, I just didn't know how to parent nor did I attempt to.  But I did marvel at Derek's natural abilities as a father and was in awe of how kids of all ages were drawn to him.  It's like he had a "father" banner flashing on his forehead as kids (even ones he didn't know) would hurl themselves into his arms if ever we were in the company of families.

I remember when Chelsea was only 7 years old and her Mum and Step-Dad moved her to the other side of the country for a 3 year Government posting.  Derek was devastated. He cried.  Having his daughter so far away literally tore the heart out of his chest.

Derek is very relaxed considering his first born is about to be wed.  I had wondered if her getting married would also rip the heart out of his chest.  But no.  Pat's a good bloke and I guess he is relieved that Chelsea has found someone who treats her with respect, love, appreciation and treats her like a princess.

Derek has had very little to do with the preparation (in fact, neither of us have) and the only part he got pushy about was making sure the food  and alcohol side of things was bedded down and he had some idea of numbers and costs.  Other than that he is just going with the flow.  He has done nothing special to get ready for it.  His father-of-the-bride preparation consists of the following:

  • Getting his stock-standard business suit dry-cleaned
  • Cleaning his shoes
  • Pulling a tie out from the closet 
  • Ironing his own shirt (yes - I refused to go out with any guy who didn't do his own ironing)
  • Getting a hair cut
  • Putting a colour through his hair to tidy up those greys
  • Writing a speech.
  • Checking the weather every few hours to ensure his prediction of "beautiful sunshine" will come to fruition despite predictions of rain
That's it! That's all he's doing in preparation.  I mean, he will have a job or two to do tomorrow - like picking up the cup cakes and taking them across to the venue ... did I say a a job or two?  It's only that one job .... but other than that he is just cruising along as if it's any other wedding.

He's relaxed.  He's cruisin.  He's fine.

He's Derek ...


I need to get going.  We are taking a new team of kids to Nationals - twenty kids from across three teams are merging to form a new squad for Brisbane.  That means two new routines to be taught with only 5 sessions to do it in.  Holy crap!!! So given it is school holidays we have decided to run a day camp today to try and teach most of the routines in one session.  Nothing like a full day of cheer to take my mind off weddings.  Because I really need to take my mind of it .... for some reason I'm feeling a bit on edge ...


  1. I seriously read that line about being an only child as 'had no siblings to torture'. Weird.

    Glad luck at the cheer day. I'm sure your kids will ace the new routines in no time.

    Derek sounds lovely. I hope he his still as relaxed on the big day.

  2. LOL. Torture?
    Cheer day was great. The kids are just so dedicated!
    Derek still looking completely relaxed (the lucky bastard)


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