Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 739

It's here ... it's the wedding day!!

Before I dive into everything bridal let me just say that I got on the scales just now and I have lost ..... 

in only 5 days ..... 

wait for it ...

drum roll please .... 

absolutely nothing!!! 

Kidding. I have lost 2 kgs.  That is good news.  Unrealistically I was hoping for 5. But I'll take 2 ...

Let's talk about the bride!


Chelsea is not the least bit extravagant.  She's never been a full on girly girl and only in her late teens did she start to wear dresses.  I remember trying to dress her up in floral frocks as a child which would be met with a big scowly face and she'd change into big baggy basketball shorts or trackies at the earliest opportunity.  She does have her hair professionally done though, and she'll occasionally get her nails done, plus she wears make-up.  So there's a good whack of femininity there. She's very tall so doesn't need high heels, however she would probably like to wear them more often than she does if it wasn't for a motorbike accident in her teens which left her with a very serious lisfranc fracture in her foot. The bones in her foot basically fell apart which led to a number of operations to fuse it all back together. She still experiences pain.

Anyway, she's not extravagant so it's with no surprise that there is not an ounce of bridezilla in her.  The lead up to this wedding has been very relaxed and very simple.  She and Pat have done most of it themselves and have been quite firm on the "no bells and whistles" clause.  The only stress has been caused by others wanting bells and whistles and Chelsea having to deflect it.

Chelsea will be wearing a Vera Wang inspired gown today.  White with black ribbon.  She does not intend to wear any jewelry other than her ring.  Given the dress is so long and you won't see her shoes, and given she prefers not to wear heels, she will either be wearing ballet flats or could even show up in thongs (flip flops).  The ceremony is taking place in a garden and she will not be walked down the aisle by her Dad (her choice).  She is not being given away. The ceremony is to be quick and simple with minimal music and no readings other than a poem.  The reception is a cocktail party which will be held at a restaurant on the lake with windows overlooking a deck and the water and the Canberra bridges.  There will be absolutely no decorations.  There will be minimal chairs. She is not having a traditional wedding cake, but cupcakes instead.  She does not want speeches however Pat's Mum and Derek have both requested to say a word.   There will be music with the option to dance as the night goes on.

There is nothing extravagant about this wedding.  It will be beautiful in its simplicity.

Just like Chelsea.


  1. Shay a lovely post about Chelsea. The wedding sounds great. Enjoy!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time. Sounds like a wedding focused on the love, just the way it should be x


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